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  1. Picked up my car today and while driving to work I felt something was amiss. The car was pulling a little to the right and the steering was heavier than usual. While pulling into my parking spot with a hard left I heard a tire rub. Well if you guessed it your on the ball. They mounted the left side tires backward, front to rear and rear on the front. Took it back and got it straightened out, but geez what a mistake. Goes to show that no alignment is done after the steering TSB. No harm done and the car is back to normal, I hope that there are no more problems with it. Feels nice to get it back after driving a ES350 for allmost three weeks, nice, but to soft. B)
  2. Happy Birthday and many, many more. Either COD 4 or WAW Do you play online( PC) ? I,m pretty much in the polite and friendly server (realistic), very cool.
  3. Now it's two weeks, I hope to hear something today. Wednesday they said that they where going to do a preasure test to make sure that there are no more leaks. I hope they remembered to do the recalls also.
  4. Well it's been a week now the dealer has had the car. They had to pull the engine out for the second time now because of the timing cover oil leak. :( :cries:
  5. I'm happy all turned out ok. I salute you.
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