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  1. Hi. Well I read on one of your posts that you know how to repair the instrument cluster. Could you help me out? Its lighting problems everything else is ok.

  2. you'd be suprised! i once let my p/s pump leak just a bit too long without refilling it, and it howled, whined and grinded. The resivour was near dry, but once I refilled it it was next to perfect. I ended up replaceing the pump 3 weeks later because of the leak, so I cant really tell you how, if at all, it causes premature wear and tear.
  3. maybe I should have looked at it before I bought a new car. I just sold my LS and bought a 94 Integra. The difference is WHOA HUGE. I will miss that hint of luxury and class. O well I guess. See you guys later.
  4. Mine did. My tach started reading a little low, then a little lower and now nothing. The needle is the culpret. I can wiggle the needle a little and get it to work temporarily, but that involves taking the whole cluster out just to pull on a needle, and it doesn't stay fixed long. I would also think that a speed sensor or other sending unit would throw a code.
  5. Hi Killerfatty,

    Been trying to track you down for those brake rotors you said you had for a '92LS400. Still intersted in parting with them?


  6. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/cto/2010600180.html I havn't seen an LS like this in a while. Still has its service done at the Lexus dealer.
  7. Hello I joined here when I was 14. I am now 17 and let me tell you I have learned more from here then I ever thought possible. The people are super nice...usually, and there is always someone who cares enough to find an answer to your question. You will probably need to have your gauge cluster rebuilt. The two faulty needles will likely need to be replaced. You can research places that rebuild lexus gauge clusters. I rebuilt mine myself and would offer to help you out but my car is first generation and yours is second generation so I doubt there will be many similarities. The good news is it sounds like a gauge cluster problem not a mechanical problem. Sorry I couldn't help more.
  8. I got a piece of metal welded to the back of the remaining part of the bracket and its holding great. I also had the non broken bracket strengthened. My tires are getting shredded though because they have no grip and just start spinning during hard cornering. Makes for great donuts though LOL.
  9. well I did like it! The bracket you mount the end link to on the car itself snapped. When I was struggling to get that bolt off of the old end link on the car I used an angle grinder and put a bit of a gouge in that bracket. What should I do? Sorry the pictures got rotayed to the left.
  10. I didnt have any grease on hand at the lucky moment when they pooped into place, so mine are un greased and make lots of noise. I just barrowed some grease from a friend today and plan on lubing them up very well tomorrow. I have hit the highways and many a cury road since the install. I previously had the front strut tower bar in there and it made a good difference, but the combonation of the two is awesome. I need more supportive seats, and stickier tires. Without the sway bar the body roll would be a good indicater of how much further until the cornering limit was reached, but with her new handleing characteristics I find it much easier to reach the grip limit without realizing it. Like I said stickier tires I suspect would help quite a bit, and the one I have on there now have A 70K mile warrenty and with 9K on them they are right at halfway worn so I suspect another new set is in my near future and they will be much more perforfmance oriented.
  11. I agree on it being a good idea, but I have no Idea what kind of work it will take.
  12. i got it in there!!! After many monthes of little problems it's finally found its new resting place. I also put my front strut tower brace back in, and let me say WOW!!!!! There is not even a quarter of the body roll it had before. It still rides just as smooth as it did before, but cornors so much better. All it took to get it in was turning it the other direction and getting some longer bolts for the brackets that hold the bushings. It was totally worth all the hard work.
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