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its so illegal lol, tint laws i think are 35 in front and 15 in the back.

my nieghbor is a cop he loves them and most of the time my windows are down so its not to much of a problem, but at night

OMG 4get it you cant see a damn thing, my reverse lights make things a little easier when backing up but i have to roll down

the windows when i turn cause its wayy to dark

i put LED's under the dash today blue looks real nice,

ill post pictures a little later

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That looks like Miami.. i live in Miami on 248th Terrace. That is here right? Well the Miami Dade police car gave it away, along with your plates.. Let's meet and start a Lexus group here in Miami. Nice Ride Dude!!!

Miami Dade wont really mess with you as long as you lower your window while driving by them, otherwise you will get stopped. In addition to that, is they see you driving erratically, going in an out of lanes, you will be sure to get stopped. They know who to stop. My friend, actually 2 friends are PO's and they tell me the same thing.. Anyways let's get together.. email me at

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I think they are legal on vans because of privacy. NOT TOTALLY SURE but that white van in the picture is mine,

i spray painted the back windows so they nobody would see whats inside and try to break in...

and i live in the ft lauderdale area, the miami cop is my next door nieghbor, STILL cant bleave he drives back and forth every day just crazy!!!

lxs300g, let me know if you want to start a lexus club ill be in!!

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