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  1. Good morning! I have a '97 SC300 and when I bought the car, it came only with the valet key and remote. I tried ordering a master key from Sewell Lexus using the VIN. They cut and shipped the key, yet it did not work. The new key wasn't even remotely similar to my valet key. I called Sewell and they said that it sounded like the locks had been changed on my car, yet I didn't receive a key code with the books of the car. I called Lexus of Tampa Bay and was told that Lexus doesn't make the key for my car any more and it has a transponder embedded in it. He went on to tell me that my car uses a master key with the three buttons on it. I find that hard to believe, as what I'm using now is a key with a separate Lexus remote. My question, gang, is how do I get a Master key cut for my car, given the locks don't match the VIN? Thanks
  2. Looks like you'll be getting a Jitterbug :D
  3. Thomas Jefferson is my favorite of the presidents. Just his design of Monticello, his inventions, and his vision as a President to name a few, were all testiment to his intelligence
  4. The !Removed! Mary (The amusing way to get rid of a hangover)
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