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  1. Sorry but I am not liking the look on this car..
  2. Good point sakataj.. A dealership will never hook anyone up!! lol. whatta kidder that guy is..they will take you for everything you got!!! Try to find a reputable mechanic, good luck or get a manual and try it yourself..
  3. I would venture to say Chevron or Sunoco.. One reason for Chevron would be the Techron that comes already in the gas and polls that I have looked at. The other petroleum company I truly recommend is Sunoco. If Nascar runs on it, Why not? Think about it!! B)
  4. That looks like Miami.. i live in Miami on 248th Terrace. That is here right? Well the Miami Dade police car gave it away, along with your plates.. Let's meet and start a Lexus group here in Miami. Nice Ride Dude!!! Miami Dade wont really mess with you as long as you lower your window while driving by them, otherwise you will get stopped. In addition to that, is they see you driving erratically, going in an out of lanes, you will be sure to get stopped. They know who to stop. My friend, actually 2 friends are PO's and they tell me the same thing.. Anyways let's get together.. email me at lxs3
  5. Sewell is the best and cheapest... I would go with them!!
  6. McGiver it. lol I did.. i crazy glued it together instead of spending $150.00$ on key
  7. Has anyone followed up on the price of the Supercharger? I own a 96 GS and would like to explore as well.. ;)
  8. If you start getting knocking noises then use 91 octane. It is recommended but not written in stone. if you do go with 87 and hear knocking, go back to 91. And income247, he did not ask you for an opinion about his money not being able to maintain his car. Wise as nothing.:)
  9. Great cars for the exception of window panels separating from doors. But overall a great car the 93-97
  10. My '93 GS300 has a very significant wind noise, but that's 'cause it's been totalled once before and the seal on the drivers' side windows aren't doing the greatest job anymore. I just have to live with it . 93-97 Lexus GS300 owners, we have to live with the horrible workmanship Lexus did to these window panels. They separate from the door and allow wind and noise because of the opening. This I thoughtwas fixed with the 98- models.
  11. Dario, People who say that the 93-97 lexus gs300 looks like a 99 dont know about cars!! lol
  12. Scott Gordon is right. The problems are minor. But there is the main gasket thing and the window trim panel seperation from body. Nice cars. just change oil every 3000 and use STP additive every oil change.
  13. I personally do not like it. It lookes like a Volkswagen Jetta.
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