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How Much Orange Peel Do You Have?

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I'm trying to figure out if my whole car has been repainted. The sides of the vehicle (all of the doors and both front and rear fenders) all have orange peel, but the hood, roof, and trunk do not. I've read before that Lexus wetsands their cars at the factory, but I'm wondering how much or if this is normal for everyone else. It is a very light amount that is hard to notice unless you knew what to look for--wouldn't be worth sanding to me.

My car's hood also has a strange paint defect. It is gold metallic, but in the center there seems to be a lack of gold color, like it fades to black. Again, hard to notice unless you know what you are looking for. Any ideas guys?

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Orange Peel- is paint film surface that has a dimpled appearance that paint takes on due to an equipment/operator caused defect. Like wrong paint-gun pressure and/or distance from panel, an operator not knowing how to set-up the equipment for that particular type of paint, or even a partly blocked paint-gun nozzle, improper pre-paint preparation and /or paint application, or uneven drying of the clear coat.

It is eliminated after the final shooting of clear coat by wet sanding the paint film surface, and polishing with a mildly abrasive polish and a high-speed rotary polisher.

Correction- it can also be removed by wet-sanding (colour sanding)

If this is a new car you might have a warrenty issue, see your dealership

Knowledge; [ability to correctly diagnosis problems] [utilizing appropriate methods / products to solve them]

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simple way to tell if a lexus has been repainted. Run your finger on the inside of any body panel, door , etc. You should feel no paint seems.

Just not so simple to get to the inside of any body panel. :blink:

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If your car is 'relatively' new, and you can 'learn to live with it', I definitely wouldn't wet-sand the clear.

Reason being? Sometimes it's 'really' hard to determine just how severe the OP is, and whether it's severe or not, it will definitely compromise the clearcoat; which may lead to premature clearcoat failure.

Definitely not a DIY-job.

Good luck!


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