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  1. He has no choice but to ban me! He must be asleep at the wheel! Soon as he is done waxing he will take care of business! Wow, you must be on drugs or something. Throwing away a membership? Why not donate it to someone else who could do better with it? This is the epitome of true waste. I've seen this type of thing happen many times before, it's not a surprise to me at all. Some people just never grow up, so when things don't go their way they'll cut off their nose to spite their face and then throw a tantrum in the corner. If the admins don't mind me suggesting it, why don't you just pu
  2. He has no choice but to ban me! He must be asleep at the wheel! Soon as he is done waxing he will take care of business!
  3. *****THIS POST HAS BEEN MODIFIED TO MEET STANDARDS.********** ---------------------------------------------------------------- LOL looks like I hit a little nerve with you! And so I do not dissapoint what you suspected was coming: You said "I don't see how I could have buttered *********** more or made it any clearer than that." ********************************************* You can do way *******[King better that a 10% warn can't you !Removed! head! Does that mean that I can do this 10 times before you pull you head out of your !Removed! and understand my intentions?
  4. It most likley was only to irritate as was his next post and yours . I forget whom I am conversing with here and I should not expect a "Detailaholic" to be able to relate. Both you and RX both worked hard to pay for your vintage Lexus and I do not expect you to see things from my perspective :P I will move on to the LX470 threads and leave you, RX and Warren to your simple fun. :)
  5. Who said anything about a BMW in reference to depreciation? As for leasing, leasing is an extremely powerful tool depending on an individual's situation. And I said about 5 times in my post that if you do it because you like driving a new car, more power to you. I wasn't discussing the pros and cons of what you do so much for your benefit, but for the benefit of others. There are a lot of people out there that actually think its cheaper to trade in new cars every 2 years. Greg, don't get so defensive. RX is simply sharing his point of view on the topic, as were you. You can't put a st
  6. When/if my eight speed breaks, I think that Lexus will stand behind it. I have serious doubts that it will break. I do see 21 MPG on the highway at around 60-70 but I did not buy it for economy. :o
  7. I can buy what ever I want, too. The LS460 is only for about 6 months until the new LX470 replacement arrives. The difference between us is I CHOOSE to buy it. :o I work hard and sacrifice alot of free time to make my company what it is today, so I choose to buy (often) what I use the most in everday life, which is my vehicle. Warren Buffet does not influence me and I really am not "behooved" to listen to him. I consider myself to be doing quite well without Warrens help. ;) You can not take your money with you when you die! I've been through 3 4-speed trannies (GM :chairs
  8. Uh, I said it makes me feel better. :) I own my own compnay and did not need "the lecture" on when to buy and sell. :( A few years ago when I was able to charge off 100% of my new LX470, I got near a $20,000 refund in taxes. There are "tax advantages" for me to do what I do, I admit sometimes they do not make perfect financial sense to others but "what makes me feel better" makes up for the loss. Everyone's money situation is different and the same rules can not apply to all.
  9. I feel better trading WAY before the warranty is gone.
  10. I thought that 8 speed was over kill until I drove my LS460. Quite nice on the highway doing 70+ and press slightly on the gas and have it drop one gear. When you really want to go into warp drive the acceleration from 70 to over 100 is going to make you smile! :)
  11. I have yet to see any cruise control that would brake if you were going down a pretty steep hill. It will stop giving the engine gas but if the hill were to be steep enough the brake would need to be applied by yourself. Having the number of gears (8), there is little resistance unless you were drop it a few gears to use engine compression. I live in Florida and for the most part it is flat with few hills that would casue my LS460 to increase in speed.
  12. Why I DO love my LS460 but will want something a bit bigger and taller. I am waiting for the LX470 replacement, am number one on my dealers list. While I love the performance of the LS460, I find it hard to get in and out of compared to my trusty LX. The LS is to hold me over and I do love it! You need not make your comments anonymous to the IRS about me, they know me well. I pay my taxes and infact, if they audit me they will find me to be quite legal. I just gave them $27k in estimated taxes a few months ago and will have to do it again soon. Yes the IRS and I know each other very wel
  13. I am sure you are right as they said they would be exactly as what was on the unit now except in chrome. I very much liked the idea of the chrome wheels as my LS is the dark grey but after a few months, I am liking it the way it is. I will be getting the LX470 replacement late this year and the LS will go back as a trade. The chrome wheels will get me no more money.
  14. Hmmm, my dealer tells me there will be chrome wheels for my LS460 soon :(
  15. Thanks, good to know. I will be putting new tires on mine sooner than many would think. I can visually see less rubber on the rear tires when compared to the front at only 4500 miles. I don't care, am having lots of fun!
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