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  1. Just got #1 done on my car a couple of weeks ago. The bill ran around $4000 as they remove the engine for it. But they let me pay $250 ish to go ahead and put in the new water pump while they were in there.
  2. The warranty that I bought for my 2007 ES just saved me around $3500. They had to remove the engine to fix an oil leak. For what it's worth, plans can be competitive. The (non-lexus) dealer wanted about $3000 for one. I opted instead to get one from my local credit union for closer to $800.
  3. Thanks again Paul. Good stuff here. But I think the equalizer might be too much for me. I'm still trying to figure out how half the gadgets work on my car. Eventually I'll do a full speaker replacement for the vehicle as well as a dynamat for much of it. I'll be sure to post pics and start a new thread when those days come along.
  4. Nice. Thanks for that Paul. Yeah- I know crutchfield offers specific speakers for my model that should fit with included brackets. But some come as 2 way speakers and some as components (the woofers and tweeters are separate pieces). I gather that if the door speakers don't have tweeters then I am going to have to mount them in the dash area. I'd also imagine that if there aren't tweeters in the factory door speaker and I buy a 2 way speaker, I'd have to do some wiring to make that work (not a good idea for me lol). I've seen quite a few other owners upgrade their cars from other sites with r
  5. Hey guys. I've done some research but am still not 100% about some things regarding a stereo upgrade. The vehicle is a 2007 ES350 with navigation but is not the Levinson system. 1. Any idea of the RMS and peak watts the factory head unit puts out? I can't find this info anywhere. 2. For replacing the door speakers, can I purchase a speaker with the tweeter attached to the woofer? Or do I have to buy a unit that has them separate since there are tweeters in the dash and put them there? 3. Are the front door and rear door speakers the same type (meaning tweeter attached or detached)? I don't
  6. Got it done for about $220 at my local (WV) Toyota dealer. It was about $70 for labor and $150 parts/disposal/tax. At least I won't have to worry about it again for a while.
  7. I just sold my 00 with 270,000 miles. Only repairs done were a replaced knock sensor early on and a rear wheel bearing. Still ran great. I'm sure someone has me beat on mileage though...
  8. X's 2 on the Meg's ultimate quick wax. It goes super quick. You just have to shake the bejesus out of the bottle between panels.
  9. The Lexus website has an option to enter the vin # and see any maintenance that has been done (only by Lexus I assume). Told me worlds about mine (TSBs being taken care of, ect.).
  10. It's my understanding that these can actually be burned on to DVDs. Does anyone have a copy of the most recent version that they would part with for a decent price? Thanks!
  11. Yes- that's one of the threads I viewed when I was looking initially. I think completing the full flush myself would be too much for me and could result in trouble (which is why I was looking at a drain and fill). It was SO easy on my 2000. Wish that were the case here.
  12. How much is the service and where could I find this coupon? I wonder if Toyota would do it. Thanks for the input!
  13. Hey guys. I'm a firm believer of changing the ATF regardless of it being called a lifetime fluid. I recently bought an 07 ES350 with around 75K miles and would like to do this via a drain and fill method (I'd probably screw it up if I tried to pull a cooler line). 1. Is it more or less than 1 quart when you drain the pan on this model? I realize it will be a ton of drain and fills to complete this, but I figured I'd just do a couple of quarts every weekend until I get most of the fluid changed out. 2. Is it really required to get the temp up to 104? I figure if I leave the replacement quart
  14. Like a dummy, I forgot to check the cd changer on my 07 when inspecting it on the dealer's lot. 1 week after the purchase I discovered it wouldn't eject or load CDs. After researching on another forum, someone suggested holding the eject button and giving the dash to the left a gentle close fisted bump. I tried it and sure enough 6 CDs popped out. Figured I'd share it here. Saved me a trip to the dealership!
  15. Gotcha! Thanks! Kind of sucks that they engineered it that way. I simple knob would have been much better than a plug and play by a Lexus tech.
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