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I Bit The Bullet


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This morning my dealer called me and told me that they just got in a ES350 with the top UL package. It was the only UL equipped ES that they received delivery on, and they just put it on the showroom floor. I told him that I wasn't too interested in getting that package because I wasn't too keen on the massive moonroof,aside from the fact that the MSRP was $44,084.00! I also found out that you can't buy an ES350 with a Mark Levinson Surround Sound System unless you order any of the UL packages. I ran right down to the dealer and immediately fell in love with the color of this car plus all the goodies that this package afforded. After some bickering about my trade-in of my '03 ES, we came to a decent price, so I bought it. :)

The car was on the showroom floor for less than 2 hours, and after the deal was made they immediately removed the car for it's final prep. I'm picking it up tomorrow at 2:00PM!! Yea :)

At this point I can't report about too many things since there will be a learning curve on some of the accessories, and I won't be able to take pictures this weekend since rain is forecast, but I will report back with my findings on this beautiful piece of machinery.

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I guess I have to think about copying you now?

you are making it very hard for me to not go to my dealer and see what they are like.

thanks Alan. <_<

just kidding buddy, enjoy the ride and I hope the tranny gives you much more satisfaction.


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The car sounds nice!! Seems a bit pricey at $44K though. I hope they gave you a good deal and a generous amount for your trade-in.

What is the UL package? I'm not familiar with that one. I like the 2007's, especially the extra horsepower and the other goodies the new ones have.

Side note: I was wondering...since the 2007's came out so early it seems the 2006 models were only out a few months. It looks like there won't be many 2006 models around.

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Actually my dealer has a lot of 06s they're giving away for at or below invoice (unheard of for Lexus). I have a colleagur who just turned his leased 02 in and leased an 06, he got $500 below invoice and the lease worked out to be about $400 a month for a loaded nav/lev model which is a super deal.

Keep in mind $44k is the UL car of which there won't be a lot. Most cars will be the premium car optioned much like a loaded ES330 at $39,500.

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