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  1. For beginners MAF sensor and EGR needs cleaning OK! Now, how do I properly clean them? Where are they located on the 98's?
  2. please check with oreilly http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/home.oap
  3. Have you tried another store/chain? That would be my first step. I definitely wouldn't take it to Lexus for a CEL.
  4. Thanks, I will continue with Syn.blend. Thanks,
  5. SW03ES, Please change your signature,please check your post.
  6. Hello, Anybody using Castrol full synthetic EDGE, Oil change interval to 15,000 miles Presently i am using Castrol Syn.Blend and changing every 5,000 miles, Should i switch? Thanks in advance.
  7. Last month, my sienna had P0135 CEL code at 157,000 and i did replaced both O2 sensors.
  8. Update: Since daughter taking car to austin, I don't want any phonecalls from her. P0420 was the code. Local shop replaced Cat with CATCO cat. total cost was $200. Model#608216 Thank you for your inputs.
  9. my 97 ES had seperate drain and fill plug vs 99 sienna has drain plug but fill from dipstick. location is hard. needs to take to garage.
  10. CEL and TRAC lights came back after 200 miles and Code is P0420 O2 sensors or CAT.? Thanks,
  11. Thank you. I went oreilly and requested to check memory code. His answer was without CEL He can't check. after 2nd request he connected and shows P0420 Bank 1. I don't think Cat goes bad this early at 138,000. Well, Presently no light and i am going put so many miles tomorrow, see what happens. usally CEL light come back 50-100 miles correct? Again, Thank you.
  12. Hello, Yesterday CEL and TRAC both light came on, due to sunday, I continue driving. fill up some Chevron Gas. This morning turn car on to go to Autozone to check codes. No more lights. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  13. Every 15,000 drain and refill byself. Next 15,000 take it to mechanic for drop pan change filter and refill trans. I maintained my 97 ES300 this way and until it was totaled at 362K, trans was running like New.
  14. 10 month after flush, I don't see relation. Personelly i don't like to use chemicals.
  15. It all seems to be pointing to bank1 sensor1 not even 100% sure where that one is located. Between Engine and firewall, passenger side
  16. might you have do little home engineering. there is bolt by manifold you can use to add somekind of plate so when oil drip, don't hit the hot manifold. just drip on ground. also when you replace PCV, make sure you clean hose all the way.
  17. I did change with synthetic Blend No problem. Castrol 5W30 is the best.
  18. I used nothing but Michelins premacy on my cars. Every 6000 rotate and balance, 35 psig pressure, and change with new tires every 50K. Very quiet and safe tires.
  19. Gas is really cheap just enjoy the ride.........
  20. correct me if i am wrong but all VVT-I are an Interference engine
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