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Front Left Noise. Help Needed.

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I have a 97 ES with 130,000 miles. I maintain the car myself and do all maintaince myself. Since a few months, there has been a little noise when I go over bumps. It's coming from the front left side of the car. Something suspension related. Anyone have anything similar? It sounds like a knock. Almost like something moving out of place. It only happens when I go over a bump. I have a feeling it's not the strut since it doesn't happen if I press down the front of the car. Could it be a bushing? Any input is appreciated.

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sunman, it could very likely be either the upper strut seat, strut mount, or the bearing that sits between the mount and seat. You have to take your car to a shop in order to get a better view of what's going on in that left strut area.

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Was down this road w/ my 97 ES300.  After new struts and mounts, I still had the noise.  Turned out that having the bump stops lubricated by the Lex dealer solved the problem.  Good luck!

What is a bump stop? Is that the insulator(12 in diagram)...how was that lubricated...did they have to take it apart first?


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after driving around for awhile with my shocks, strut bearings, and strut caps replaced, the noise is still there.  I think it's the control arm bushings?  Any suggestions?

I had the same kind of noise on my '93 ES300. I thought it was a suspension problem, too. It turned out to be something really simple.

My "dogbone" upper engine strut had broken. The rubber insert on the engine block end had separated from its steel housing. Every time I hit a bump in a certain way, the metal housing would move slightly and contact the car body - causing the knock. Sounded exactly like a strut mount or bearing. Replaced the dogbone - knock disappeared.

Who knows? Worth checking out...


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possibly worn sway bar bushings. an easy check is to buy a $5 can of silicone-base spray and give the bushings a few shots of the spray. if the noise goes away then the bushings are worn. this will be a temporary fix.

www.newlexusparts.com sells front and rear sway bar bushings (a pair of bushing on each bar) for about $10 apiece. if you're going to change out the bushings make sure you lube them with a thick layer silicone weatherstripping cream.

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