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RX300 Steven

Engine Immobilizer Reset

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I had a remote starter installed before Thanksgiving by a very good local shop, one I have used for many years and several cars. Everything has been great until one day a few weeks ago when it was like 4 degrees cold in the morning. I hit the remote as normal to warm up the car before having to leave and I could see the headlights came on out the window and thought all was great. When I went outside to leave the car was not running and the lights were still on. So I open the door and put the key in to start it and silence, nothing. I tried remote start, tried normal key start, could not get a sound out of it. All power/accessories working fine and full of power. Finally had it towed to Lexus for help. After 2 days of them looking at it and of course saying it was the after market remote, they finally had someone trace the remote install. The tech said everything was perfect with the install. I have the high end Viper remote system but did not have the Viper immobilizer option installed because I felt it was redundant and not needed. So after proving the remote had no immobilizer built into it they would research some more.

I got a call a few hours later that they had just reset the Lexus immobilier and it was starting fine from the key and remote. They ended up not charging me anything because they really didn't fix anything and I thought that was very nice ( I was afraid of the bill I might get ) The thought was that it was cold enought that the engine just didn't start right and caused the computer to think it was being stolen and locked it all down.

Now to finish a long story; how to reset the engine immobilizer. The Lexus tech was happy to show me how to do this myself if it should ever happen again ( and knock on wood it has not )

To reset: put the key in the drivers side door and turn to lock, and then unlock. Then on the key remote click lock and unlock. This resets the engine immobilizer system and it should start right up as normal.

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