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  1. It blows warm outside air on driver side and cold ice air on the passenger side...so here is the cycle... 1. fill with refrigerant....ice cold air on both sides for about 2 weeks....after warm outside air on the driver side and cold air passenger side for about 1 week...after warm outside air on both sides....rinse and repeat with more refrigerant... I have also replaced the AC relay in the fuse box to no luck.
  2. I have been trying to fix my air conditioner for a month now as it only blows warm air or cold air only on the passenger side on a good day. 1. Put new refrigerant.....worked for 2 weeks 2. put dye in to check for leaks....no leak visible using UV light 3. changed both valve cores + more refrigerant....worked great for 2 weeks. Anyone have any idea where I can look at next? Where is the most probably leak area?
  3. Headlight Washers

    yes...don't know code...on vacation far away from dealer
  4. Headlight Washers

    My 2008 right one just flew off on the interstate. Check engine light came on :cries:
  5. How To Adjust New Height Control Sensor

    hammer, Where are these measurements taken from? Is 3.11 in. between the rubber bump stop and the rear axle housing? Thanks
  6. How To Adjust New Height Control Sensor

    78.9 mm (3.11 in.) = centre of wheel - torsion bar = normal Amount of change in vehicle height: HIGH position: 40 mm (1.57 in.) LOW position: -20 mm (-0.79 in.)
  7. Just read the whole thread and this has got to be the lexus owner's worst nightmare. I really hope lexus makes this right and keep up the good fight...seems almost like contact sports. Long ago when lexus was at its peak....lexus damaged my car while installing a windshield, I just took an estimate from a body shop and the general manager just signed me a check on the spot.
  8. What Color Gx Do You Have?

    The best ride..I think this army color goes well with the "rugged tough" 4WD outdoorsy/camping image. This is my upgrade from old faithful 1995 es300.
  9. Engine Fan Noise

    Mine does the same thing. It is just louder when in the garage. I was told it was normal by my dealer.
  10. Paint Fading

    I have the exact same problem with my 96 lexus es300 (champagne brown). The bad thing about fading is that any new repairs will show in time. :cries:
  11. Corrosion On Wheels

    Had mine repaired under warranty. They just sanded and repainted the rims and they look ok but you can tell it was repainted and they forgot some pitting areas in the middle hard to see areas. I am thinking of taking it back but maybe I am being too picky. If I had to do it again, I would push for new wheels....unfortunately, my warranty is up in 1000miles and when it goes back to more pitting I will be sheit Out of luck.
  12. Corrosion On Wheels

    I am having mine done now and they seem to not replace them but refinished them. I hope that it is okay.
  13. Latest Tsb Released For "clunk"

    Took mine to a local dealer (Toronto, Ontario) and he had no idea what it was and asked me to bring in the TSIB. Well brought it to another lexus dealer and what a difference. They recognized it right away and said it would be done in 2 days. Got a nice RX350 for a loaner too.
  14. Latest Tsb Released For "clunk"

    Took mine to a local dealer (Toronto, Ontario) and he had no idea what it was and asked me to bring in the TSIB.