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  1. Hey TexasLExus94, I have replaced my ACV (air control valve). I had to buy a stuby 17mm open end wrench to loosen it. The only place I found this tool was at Sears but you might be able to locate in another store. When loosen. be carefull when removing as fluid come out of there. Be sure to cover the alternator as to prevent any fluid from getting into it. I do not know if it makes a difference, but I marked the hoses to install in the correct way. Also you need to bleed the power steering system after installing ACV and adding ATF Dextron II fluid to proper level(due to loosing after removal of ACV).
  2. Congrats on your new purchase and I welcome our new members to LOC. Just sit back an enjoy your LS, as I have enjoyed my 91.
  3. Are the strut bars different on a 97 vs 90-94 model? If not, then they are much easier to replace. Please press link for instructions on how to remove. This is in Lextreme's website.
  4. You can try ebay or auto dynamics. There is another company that carries them just can't remeber. :P
  5. Hi Wilfred, The water drops are normal for the A/C system. This is coming out of the drain tube in the front near the firewall correct? Now, as for the hissing, I don't know what that could be.
  6. :D Great article LEXLS!! Now I can see the evolution of one of the greatest machines in the world.
  7. Hi Mia, Sure they make it, try this, they carry a kit for the 90-94 LS400 as well as the wiring harness so you don't have to cut any wires. The Install kit number is LX3 and the wire harness number is TA02 As for aftermarket brands: try Alpine, Kenwood, Clarion, Nakamichi, Sony, Eclipse, McIntosh, Pioneer, Blaupunkt to name a few. Leo
  8. This also happened to me. Make sure your oil level is up to full. Many shops when doing an oil change automatically think 5qrts of oil is all you car needs, but in reallity it needs 5.6qts of oil. Just add a half a quart and the light should go away. Or maybe your low oil sensor switch is going bad, give it a try and post back your results.
  9. No, Dextron II and Type II transmission fluid is not the same. I learned this the hard way. I went to my local Jiffy Lube center and asked that same question, and of course they said yes as I wanted to do a transmission fluid flush (remove all old fluid and add new). Well after they were done I took my car and noticed that my transmission was shifting harder. I immediatley called my friend's friend, who by the way is a Lexus master mechanic and asked him about this, and he suggested to immediatley change out the fluid, as the fluid recommended by Lexus is a synthetic type fluid, Type II, where as the Dextron II is not. This can harm the transmission in the long run. Had to buy 16 quarts of Type IV, replacement for Type II, to have the whole transmission reflushed again. After that, my transmission was back to normal. As for your coolant, in your owners manual says to use a good brand of ethylene-glycol, more than 50% of ethylene-glycol, but no more than 70% is recommended. But to be on the safe side, just buy the exact type from your local Toyota dealer as it is cheaper than the Lexus dealer.
  10. No problem, here to help out all Lexus brothers/sisters. :D
  11. You might have a bad courtesy light switch. Switch that pop out when you open your door to turn interior lights on. You said that even when the door was unlocked and you open and shut the door the door locked. Look at you interior light the next time it does this. If you light is off, that is why you locks are locking, which tells you that your switch is not opening far enough, which causes your keyless system to think the door is closed sending a pulse to lock. I had this happen to me also, all I did is removed the switch, removed the rubber cover on the switch, sprayed some W-40 into the spring contact, push on the switch a few times, re-install rubber cover and re-install. Problem solved. If this does not help you, then you need to replace the faulty switch.
  12. Very touching video :cries:, excellent choice in car. :D
  13. Don't know anyone in LA county but check this place out.
  14. They started to have dual airbags in 1993.
  15. J4649 - This also happened to me and it turn out it needed some oil. Add a half a quart and the light should stay off. Just a note these cars require 5.6 qts of oil. So if an oil change was done recently, most cars only take 5 qts and thats probably what was put in.
  16. Em91 Sorry for the late response, I have had my LCD on for about 3 months. 93lsowner - As you stated, Jim only makes for the 90-92 models, If you were to win one of the auctions on ebay, this company calls and asks if you need for the 90-92 LS or the 93-94 LS, so you have a choice of which to get.
  17. 93LSOwner - Well I went ahead a search for a picture of Jim's LCD so that you can see the difference. I borrowed picture from the pinned thread at top.
  18. EM91 Your pretty fast, you beat me to the reply.
  19. No, it is not. Jim's LCD is a bit different on the fonts. Check the pinned post at top for pictures and you can see the difference. The only reason I went with the Mikado over Jim's is because of how so many other members had theirs done by Mikado and how all were very pleased with the new LCD. I also heard that Mikado repaired units for Lexus dealerships and has the closest match to the OEM LCD. By the way, I self installed this LCD and as stated by EM91 was very easy to install. Total time with removal / installation of unit from car and LCD replacement was like 45min at most. Thanks to those members that showed how to take the unit apart.
  20. This is the after replacement shot.
  21. I also got from Mikado after winning on Ebay. As you will see in the pictures, the original LCD is slightly tinted, where as the replacement is not. but all in all, the LCD font are pretty close to the stereo display font. Please forgive for the quality of pictures, the new LCD looks much better than in the picture.
  22. I think your speakers are blown as I have looked at my stock speakers in my car and both the speaker and tweeter run off the same wires. My car is also a 91 LS400 with the Nakamichi system in it. Or maybe you can remove your speakers and check for connection problems. Good luck
  23. Check Ebay. There are a couple of people selling the repair kit, meaning the LCD screen. I my self have bought one from EBAY, the seller is remotes4cars AKA Mikado Technologies. Check under "LEXUS LS400 Climate Control LCD display kit". Or there is also a member here that sells these kits, his name is Jim Walker.
  24. :o Check this out. I found a Lexus LS400 with the type of box I want to built. What do you think?
  25. Yes, the 90-94 LS have the gas tank behind the rear seat. That is one reason I want to try and make a sub box that is ported into the cab as to not have so much vibration from the subs close to the tank. Also with this type of box I would not have any rattling in the trunk area.
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