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  1. I am next...I am working with Steve now on gathering all the parts needed for a single turbo setup like his...Lex, Got any extra turbo parts laying around you may want to sell me...I'll call you later... Always have parts for you.
  2. Call me my brother if you need the details. Perhaps u r next....
  3. I ditto SK's is NOT a interference model..I think ONLY the 95-97 models were if my memory serves me right...good luck LS400 = 95 and up SC400 = 96 and up VVTi available from 1998 and on in both models.
  4. I have been driving this car for almost two weeks now. The engine has ZERO problem. Doesn't over heat, Doesnt leak or anything at all. I put in about 600 miles into this engine along with a dyno and few burn outs. The engine work flawlessly and I love driving it. The torque peak about 3,700 rpm and tires are easily spun from a dead stop with 255 x 35 x 19. Driving this 4.7L is like riding a stallion. It wants to gallop but you are controlling it from breaking free. Its extremely fun to drive. The torque and hp is very useable on street roads and daily it no problem. There are many pe
  5. I had some problem with my injectors and ill tuned when dyno. The car produced about 400 rwhp at 18 psi. However, little problems are being fix and hopefully alot more. Yes auto tranny. However I broke two trannies already and my torque converter is still the same one. It jus show you that torque converter will out last your tranny.
  6. We are building a single turbo SC400 this weekend and will document it for you guys. Its a simple build.. but workable.
  7. I would love to sponsor this wonderful forum, but my site is not a business. My site part of my hobby. Most of the parts we sell are just helping members. 99.9% of all the parts we carry we have installed, tested and driving it daily. Unlike other place they just know it by item number. We know our products inside and outside of how it works and why it works. Some parts are fast other parts are slow. For example, our forged pistons/rod combo will take 6-8 weeks and some shortblock will take as long as 3-4 months. I think buyer should also understand if they need quick parts, ebay would
  8. In respond to the above comments. Those shocks were back order from Toyota and we couldn't get fast enough. Secondly it was during Christmas and New Year. Lastly the buyer used echeck and took a week to clear. That is why there were delays. We are very sorry for the delay and totally understand your frustration. We ar trying our very best but some time situations are out of our control. Sincerely, David
  9. I did the same repair on my LS400 last week. Got it done less then $1. 3/8" hose will work. Just make sure the clamps are tight. I used zip tied instead.
  10. I dont think a diy available for the valve gaskets but it pretty simple process.
  11. How long is the down time? For the price its very good.
  12. Here is what i have to this tutorial. Its for LS and SC but it would be the same as the GS How to Replace Lexus Alternator
  13. Sounds like your passenger side cam seal is bad. Its a pretty simple process. You remove the pessanger side front cover and use a hanger to hook the timing belt while you can change the cam seal. It should not take more then 30 minutes. Good luck...
  14. I have the lowest mile on my 1990 LS400. Only 600 miles. Not original of course. However, i have 205k on my odometer.
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