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  1. so i found the D.I.Y> link with how to wire the top portion of the brake lights to come on with the bottom.... But im still trying to find some info/help on the rear spoiler light replacement... any help would be appreciated!
  2. i have '99 gs 300 and i notice that when i press the brakes the full tail light doesnt light up anymore, meaning only the bottom lights up and not the top. all bulbs are fine and show red when the lights are on... i read a while back that there was a mod to have all the lights light up, but previously mine did that on its own, so i was curious as to why it stopped working and what the mod was to get this back to how it was?! also i have a stock rear wing and half of the bulbs are out on that as well and was curious were to find a replacement or how to change the bulbs if that was possible?! Thanks in advance!!
  3. I had a similar problem when I purchased my GS. I had probs with hesitation when accelerating from 1st to 2nd gear as if the transmission was slipping, I reset the ecu and it temporalilly fixed it. Then one day the vsc and traction control lights both came on and I lost all power when pressing the gas pedal competely to floor. Took it the dealer the next day had them check the car out and run a diagnostics. They said the tps was fine and went ahead and flushed the throttle, they aslo cleaned the air mass flow thingy out LOL. Final thought I took the car home reset the ecu one last time drove the !Removed! out the car to let it adjust to my driving patterns, I put about 20 straight miles on the car after he reset, end result no probs for the last 4 months car drives like a dream and accelerates like new. I've had no probs with vsc/traction lights coming on nor probs with lack of power or acceleration. I hope this information is helpful and useful, cuz I was pretty annoyed by those problems abd alittle upset lexus had no idea what was wrong. There was a post here a while back referring to this topic which is where I got the idea about cleaning the mass air flow and flushing the throttle. I actually recommended that to lexus and they agreeed since my car was still under warranty. So thankx Lexus Forums. The search button does wonders!!!
  4. so I went ahead and took ur advice and contacted need4speed. I told them I was referred by u and want some info on 20's and tire size and ofset. I explained that I wanted an aggressive VIP look with the wheels flush, didnt want them to tuck. They reccommended 20x8.5 F 20x10 R 245/35/20 ofset +35 for the front and 275/30/20 ofset +43 for the rear. They said it would be perfectly flush and if I lowered the car depending on how much would determinehow much to roll the rear fenders and modify fronts if needed. So thanks again for ur help it was highly appreciated!
  5. I have a '99 gs300 and the dealer told me that the doors lock when u hit a certain speed, but unfortunately that option isnt available on my model...which seems odd to me becuz it was in the list of features and options on the cpu the service manager had, but for some reason wouldnt set to the on position...pretty lame...atleast it unlocks when i put the car in park lol....
  6. That *BLEEP* is HOTT, thanks for all the help and info, i will post some pics within 2weeks once i get the rims and tires and everything else...Thanks again!!! Oh yea what % tint u got?! is the front window slightly tinted too?! Those lexus brake covers are hott too where did u get them?!
  7. Sounds good thanks!!! So u have 19's on ur gs?! u got any other pics?! side view?!
  8. ok so what abou the offset?! are the recommendations made from tirerack acurate?! they stated 20x8.5 245/30/20 ofset=35mm and 20x10 275/30/20 ofset=45mm. Also whats the name of the tool that rolls the fenders so i can purchase it if need be...Are u saying the reason i need to roll the fenders is in order to lower the car how i please?! BTW ur car is HOTT i lov the rims, u got a real sporty look! What % tint do u have?! thats a pretty clean lex right there! Oh and last what if i went with 235/30/20 in the front and 265/30/20 in the rear, would that make it possible to avoid cutting/rolling fenders?! thanks for all your help its been great, im definately trying to go for the look you have on ur car just not that much of a drop, i would ruin my car on these DC roads LOL....thanks again
  9. ok that link gives good info on tire size but doesnt really help with the off set...anyone with 20's please help! Im tryna get some rims asap cuz the summer is here!
  10. thanks for that site but honestly i dont understand it for !Removed! lol....i aint good with tires i'd rather see a pic of someones car and ask what settings they have lol...thanks again, anyone else have info on the offset for 20's?!
  11. can any one please tell me the best offset for 20x8.5 front and 20x10 rear on a 1999 gs300?! Ive search the forums and everyone who has these settings had to roll or cut there fenders...i want a clean look, very flush without cutting or rolling the fenders unless absoulutely neccessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated. When i went to tirerack.com to check out some rims there off set was = 35mm for the front with 245/30/20 and 45mm for the rear with 275/30/20...i also read somewhere that i should get 275/30/20 for the rear and 245/35/20 for the front to even out the diameter, is this true?! thanks in adavance for any help!!! Oh and i plan on dropping the car about 1inch to 1inch 1/2 in front and rear depened on the wheel space...
  12. Yes I too had to change 3 out of 4 door locks on my 1999 Gs300...it was all convered under warranty so it was cool, but its def somthing that is possible...My only prob is how weak the alarm key is...i changed the battery but the range for it is horrible, I have to be no furhter than 5 feet from the car...that sucks!
  13. anyone wanna trade a set of white gs fogs for the yellow ones, I'll pay shipping both ways?!
  14. 3k is a steal congrats on the new purchase! But how much u drop $$$ atthe body shop?! What typeof engine probs uhave?!
  15. does anyone know what the best settings are for the advance audio options?!
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