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  1. I found this one, however this web page says Unavailable for web purchase at this time.
  2. Ebay one is nice, but I am looking for Trenz style grille. Trenz had one for 93 and 94 LS before.... Thanks for searching! :)
  3. I am looking for billet grille for 99 LS400, Do you know where can I get it? I found one for ~97 and 01~ not for 98 ~ 00. If you know please let me know, Thanks :)
  4. right after I did ATF Flush, it was same as before. However, I keep driving and it seemed got better. I guess transmission fluid was dirty and when turn somehow line was clogging or something. Just in case, I will remove transmission oil pan and clean/replace filter and clean pan soon. Thanks for your help. :)
  5. Anybody know how much $$ new engine cover for 1999 LS?
  6. Are you saying when you put the car into drive from park? or when you're already in drive, the engine revs but the transmission doesn't catch until you hit the 1,500 rpm mark? If it's slipping, then you're probably due for some fresh toyota oem fluid. if you think you have anything but oem fluid in there, then I would suggest a visit to your dealership for a flush. If you do have oem in there, but it looks brownish on the stick, then I'd do a search for "drain n' fill" to learn the easiest service you can possibly do to the car. But eitherway, the computer hunts on that car a bit. It's not n
  7. Thanks for your info My LS is feel not throttle lag, more like transmission engage delay.... The engine RPM is going up but car is not moving till RPM reach around 1500rpm... what I feel is same as throttle lag???
  8. Hi I purchased 99 LS400 but it did not come with engine cover.... I know that engine cover will not do anything but it looks nice to have one when open the hood.... Anybody has used engine cover for sale with decent price :) ?
  9. Question, After you did drain and fill ATF and reset the ECU, do you feel any better? or same? It is hard to accept for me that is normal things on LS400..... <_<
  10. Hi I purchased 99 LS400 with 111k miles a week ago, So I don’t know much about this car. However, I just noticed that the car has transmission hesitation when giving it gas after I slow down to almost a complete stop. There is a hesitation up to 1500rpm then suddenly start moving. Throttle seemed responding but transmission is not engaging up to 1500rpm..... Otherwise up shift and down shift is smooth. So I just did Trans fluid flush with T-IV, Drain and fill 3 times. It was dirty However, nothing changed so far. Does it need any update on ECU or need reset?? or new transmission?? Hop
  11. Hi I hope somebody can help me out.... I just purchased 140k mile 95 LS400 a month ago. I am trying to fix Loud Clunk noise when accelerating to let go gas peddle at highway speed from underneath (transmission area) and when shift P to R or Drive clunk also, especially when cold 1500rpm idle. What I have done is Replaced Flex Coupling on differential side (it was cracked), 3 bushing on Differential (was broken), rear trading arm busings. Engine mounts and transmission mount has been replaced before I purchased. Trans fluid level is good and clean. What else I should check for this proble
  12. I have a same problem and I am living in AZ check this post also, I found this guy from ebay that this guy sells info for repair, ask :)
  13. where is the wheel guide chart? I tried Trie Trac that was helpful, but I could not find offset, thanks! :)
  14. I am thinking to buy 18 inch rims for my 91 LS400. but I don't know how much need offset? I want to get 18-8J and I expect rims stay about 1/4" inside from fender edge. Also, I don't wanna use spacer for adjusting offset. what size, offset, tire size is the best fit for 91 LS? please give me advise. Thanks :)
  15. I am thinking tow my motorcycle with trailer, I am looking for hithc for 91 LS400. anyone know where can I get hitch for it? I can find for ES but not for LS. it sounds stupid, but if i can tow then I don't have to buy a truck. Thanks
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