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  1. those are aftermarket L-tuned rims
  2. the fuel pump can heat up and catch on fire.....not good
  3. 04 E-shift Is300,-D-speed Front, L-tuned Wheels & exhaust, unknown coilovers. i think this is my first post in like a year here how is everyone?
  4. quick pic...its the silver one :D
  5. follow up so i ended up picking up a 06' a6 3.2 quattro. man is it amazing. definatly has more character than the lex. not as big, although the trunk is twice the size AND i can put the seats down. silver on black. the only options i got were the premium wheels, navigation, stereo, shades, and quattro sytems. loving the car. i only have one pic right now, pic from the dealer a few days ago, but i'll have full out photoshoot in a few days. i went and drove the 330 ci convertable (e46), also the new 330. and the 530i, all very fast fun cars, i just wanted something bigger, and for the price i got the audi at, nothing could beat it. or even come close in price. i just didn't feel the need to get the A8, although it is a beast and Very refined. the A6 was just a smoking deal i couldn't pass up.
  6. well the driveway is now open, taking a trip to the audi dealer tomorrow afternoon, might walk out with an a6 or an a8. idk yet. its been a fun ride, even though i didn't visit very often, all my questions were answered, the reason i am droping the ls is because its just plain boring, has no caracter. the audi or the bmw are just a luxurious and more refined driving experiance, i will say that my dealer was THE best dealer i have ever gone to (jm lexus) the best 10-10. man am i going to miss that
  7. nice looking ride you got there. enjoy it
  8. thank you. i have been lurking. all there have been really are technical questions that either have been already answered or were to dificult for me to answer. so i haven't posted in a bit
  9. umm yea. i should do this no?
  10. i am taking my car into the dealer to have the nav update done today...i think its free??
  11. look at matts avatar...insert "woohoo" here ---> _ _ _ _ _ _<---
  12. i have an 89 and i have the cable that i bought from office depot but it won't download any of the games from ti site and i can't figure it out
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