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  1. Very good point i'll leave him to do it himself. I just wanted to order the parts myself before hand thats all to save time of my car at his garage.
  2. No but through my research its not a straight swap over
  3. 70000km and no vibration
  4. So what exactly is the recommended RON for a Lexus?
  5. Sorry i know this is a bit late but finally need to convert. I don't have a manual, can you please direct me to as where or which fuses needs to be removed? or if someone has it on a pdf that'd be very helpful thanks.
  6. The steering wheel just points left when your going straight. So i thought its just an easy alignment job, paid $50 and the steering is point right now while its going straight. Its just annoying more than anything.
  7. Hello I need new bushings (1990 Lexus Ls400 with airbags but soon strutmasters) but a shop asked me which ones! This is what happens, go over speed bumps slowly it creaks, Full look in the car park it makes a sound, on the highway when u have long turns it wants to push wide. And caused uneven tyrewear so that i can't get a proper wheel alignment. Anyone know which bushing i would need? Any diagram on how to replace them?
  8. Thanks for that Problem i am facing now is that in Australia there doesn't seem to be anyone with something for it. Like apparently you cant just get some Koni shocks and King springs and whack it on because it won't work you need the bit at the top to screw on or something. Is this true? On that website it says strutmasters. Anyone used these before are they good? Are strutmasters my only option for a conversion from air to conventional stuff? Anyone else know of anything else. I have to order something from the states and import it in i think.
  9. Hello I have 1 bad air strut on 1990 Lexus LS400 and even after starting the car in the morning, the ride height does not normalise to where its spose to be. So i guess its time to change it to conventional stuff. So i was wondering if someone can post me the required pdf (especially the rear cause i can't seem to find it). or any helpful html. I've done a search found some for the front but not 100% sure if its for the 90-95 model or the 95-99 model. Also any particular type of springs and shocks recommended? In Australia it seems the most popular is Koni. Thanks in advance
  10. Hello Im not too good with computers so there may be somewhere on here that has pictures but i can't find it. Im wanting to put later model stock LS400 wheels onto my GENI Ls400. I just don't know which ones but. I like the 16' from the 98 models or even something from even later. Could anyone post pics of their GENI Ls400 with later model wheels so i can see Thankyou in advance
  11. I think they are pinned on and not stuck on. Thats the case on my Celsior
  12. Can you post a pic? i've seen water run from the side of the trunk into the light area but then back out. I thought it was just a perfect drain/run off.
  13. Mine aint bashed like that. That thing looks like it was stolen and taken for a joy ride. im going to definetly change it to the conventional setup. Does someone have the link to a page where it shows you how its done? Ride wise its still very light and predictable. Still predictable to the point that i probably can drive it with 2 fingers. :o] Unfortuantely the ride is better sometimes than others. The problem is still very come and go at the moment i think.
  14. Hello I have the GENI 90 LS400. I have noticed on some mornings but not every morning funnily enough that the car seems lower. I've done some reading up on the forum and yes figure its "Premature" signs of failure. This is where i am at. So that i know to look for more signs of trouble. What are these signs i should take note of? ie how do i know its time to change the system to springs and shocks? I mean it still feels alright at the moment on the road nothing too dramatic yet but is there spose to be a dramtic change to signal that its time for new suspension? Secondly when i walk into a
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