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  1. I also had that problem and believe it or not it ended up being my brand new rotors that were slightly warped. You may want to have them resurfaced. My rotors were new and were warped so you never know. Good luck
  2. Hey 92 Lex my car was running fine for 3 weeks. How would you test the air flow meter. I dont know how to test it. I checked online to see how to test it but it shows that you need special tools. Do you know a way to test it. I was also checking online and I read that it could be an exaust leak or a vacume leak or several other things.
  3. Hello everybody I just got a code#25 while running a diagnostic on my car. The book says that this is a 25 Air–Fuel Ratio Lean Malfunction . Two weeks ago I had to put in an air flow meter that I bought at the junk yard. Does anybody think that it could be the same problem. Thanks. Oh I have a 91 ls400.
  4. Are you sure wwest? Then why do both my tires spin when you hit the gas when stuck in the snow?
  5. Hey guys. I have a 91 ls without the trac system. I got stuck last year in the snow and when asked which tire was spinning we noticed that both tires were spining. These cars do has limmited slip dont they?
  6. Hey Flanker, you are going to have to search for the leak. First things first, make sure it isn't mixing with the oil by just checking your oil dipstick. If that is fine then you will have to look all over for this leak. Check the reservoir for the coolant and check that it isn't leaking out of any of the hoses attached to it or even the sensor on top. Next check to see if you see any leak noticeable in the location where the water pump is located. Check the radiator and its hoses and in my case I got underneath my car and the leak was coming down the rear sides of the engine. My leak was coming out of the cross over pipe. Good luck searching.
  7. The coolant is a closed system. If you are missing some it is either leaking out or being burned. My car was also missing coolant. I finally found the problem to be the rear cross over pipe. It was a real messy job but my leak is fixed. You are going to have to find where the leak is. Good luck.
  8. What happens if you rev the engine at a stand still?
  9. Hi MistaG by any chance is your check engine light on? How do your exhaust fumes smell. Does it smell rich in gas or what? It could be a tps sensor but not sure.
  10. You need to find out which side the noise is coming from. More than likely it is a heat shield.
  11. It could be a heat shield but, is a metallic noise or something else?
  12. Hey guys my friend has a 2004 es300 with the navigation system. He just wants to know how do you delete the memory from the naviation system. His is showing that it is full. Thanks.
  13. Hey ebridges the tranny fluid that went in my engine did more damage than I had hoped for. It actually damaged my "air flow meter" I had to buy one at a junk yard and now all is well. What a nightmare.
  14. Em91


    Hello everybody. Yesterday I told everybody about my problem with the power steering control valve and the engine sucking up all of the power steering fluid. Well anyway the car is running really bad and the check engine light came on. It is stalling allot and not running right. I ran a diagnostic and got a code 31 "air flow meter. Has anybody experienced this problem with the air flow meter and the car running really bad. Please advise thanks. :cries:
  15. Hi srk the part is called the air control valve but it could be called the idle up valve. On the bag that it came it is says, "valve assy,air". Hi Monarch. I am going to clean the filter on the solenoid next.. Thanks for the advise.
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