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  1. We had the LS-V's on our ES300 and really liked them, but then we switched to Kumho and found them to be even better. We've gone through 2 sets of KH16's and now have the Ecsta LX Platinum and love them. The KH16's were only good for about 40k miles, but the Ectsa's are rated a lot better for tread wear so I have high hopes for them.
  2. Bank 1 is against the firewall. Some of the diagrams at the auto parts stores show it as the front bank, but they are incorrect. This page is from the Lexus factory service manual. My Haynes manual also agrees with bank 1 as the rear. Emission Control System.pdf
  3. If the foam surround is torn as suggested, do a Google search for replacement speaker foam. Lots of places sell it and it will be the correct material to repair the speaker. I repaired a pair of Infinity bookshelf speakers last year and it was easy and looks brand new now.
  4. Codes 0441 and 0446 are the same thing - charcoal canister system. Since it has come back again, it is likely a leak in your vacuum lines or a vacuum switch or sensor. We have a '97 ES that occasionally throws a P0446. One time a Lexus dealer told me it would cost $500 to replace the charcoal canister. I declined the work, went home and consulted my Haynes manual. I found a vacuum hose that was unplugged and connecting it fixed the problem. The Haynes manual was the best $17 I've ever spent and I highly recommend one. Even if you're not going to do your own work, you can use it to understand w
  5. 1) No, not at all. The car has to be programmed to accept the remote. It only means if you had two ES's you could program them both to accept the same remote. I only pointed that out because most people misunderstand the programming process. It's the car that is programmed, not the remote. 2) Since you already have the changer why not find an OEM Pioneer head unit to put back in? I've seen them on Ebay a lot. The best deal is one that has the common LCD missing segments problem. It's easy to fix for $100 and you can get an excellent deal on the unit because most people don't bother to Google
  6. 1) You can find remotes on Ebay too. The car is programmed to accept the remote. The remote only sends a signal and is never programmed. This means that on cars like yours and mine, multiple cars can be unlocked with the same remote. The programming instructions are on this forum. Do a search, and if you search my username they will come up somewhere. 2) The Nakamichi system wouldn't be able to control your cd changer. Do you have a changer in the glove box? We have the Pioneer system and I've always been happy with it. The subwoofer makes a big difference. Otherwise you should be able to ins
  7. I would get a second opinion from a local mechanic. Although everyone likes to think that Lexus is some sort of esoteric specialty car, it is in fact a Toyota product that any decent mechanic is capable of servicing. My experience is that the dealer will fix problems, but they will do more than is necessary and it will cost twice as much. I stopped in at my local dealer when our check engine light came on. They wanted $500 to replace the charcoal canister. I looked in my manual when I got home and found the vacuum hose that was disconnected that was causing the problem. I think you may have
  8. P0441 is the same as P0446 and it's a common problem on the '97-'01 cars. Something is wrong in the evaporative emissions system - the gas cap could be loose, you could have a vacuum leak, or the charcoal canister could be bad. Unfortunately on the '99 the canister moved to under the car by the gas tank. I would suggest getting a Haynes manual for your car- it's actually the Camry manual. It has a very good description of the troubleshooting steps to correct this problem. I'll be doing the same thing this weekend because our car keeps throwing the P0446 code. I have it reset then 3-4 weeks lat
  9. Just about any auto parts store can get that part. With the exception of new floor mats, I've never purchased any pars from a dealer.
  10. Have you tried Google? And you don't have VTEC.
  11. You don't need a Lexus-specific mechanic. Any capable mechanic will be able to diagnose your problem. Ask around the area and find out who other people use. I like to use small independent places where the guy in charge is doing a lot of the work. I stay away from places like Pepboys and Sears. Google is great because it will often have reviews of businesses in your area. In the meantime it there may be a connector you can unplug to the fans instead of disconnecting the battery and erasing all your settings.
  12. It really doesn't matter whether it's synthetic or regular oil. Don't let people tell you that you can't switch back and forth. If she doesn't know, then she's probably been having it changed somewhere and it's regular dino oil. I use 5W30 dino oil in our '97 ES with 238,000 miles. The only reason to spend the extra money on synthetic is if you're going to use extended drain intervals, in the 10,000 - 15,000 mile range. You really need to get a used oil analysis done to determine the proper change interval if you're going to go that route. It doesn't sound as if you're that invested in the veh
  13. The scanners are available on Amazon starting at $29. For as often as you might need it, you can get away with having the codes read at Autozone or Advance, or whatever parts store is prevalent in your area. The next thing to do is buy a Hayes or Chilton manual for your car. That will tell you what the codes mean and what to do about them. That $17 book has saved me thousands. The sensor is ~$120 at Autozone, and it's pretty easy to change.
  14. Have you tried another store/chain? That would be my first step. I definitely wouldn't take it to Lexus for a CEL.
  15. Hang on a minute guys. Are we talking about the timing belt or the accessory drive belts? You cannot see the timing belt when you open the hood. It may be possible to check the condition of the timing belt by loosening the upper timing belt cover, but you wouldn't be able to see much - definitely not enough to check the condition of the teeth. In order to remove the timing belt covers and actually inspect the belt, you have to remove the accessory drive belt and crankshaft pulley. Midas definitely didn't do that in 30 minutes. They probably just told you that based on your mileage and tried to
  16. HAHAHAHAHAHA OK, I actually have nothing constructive to offer this thread but... but that seems to be the point :-) But all I have to say is that they must have some high quality chronic in those parts... Maybe English is not his native language?
  17. Look, yeah, the guy and his group were really popular in the '80's. However, the photo is from 2008, and he's touring right now. I'm going to see him later this week. I'm actually impressed that you know who it is. I don't know why you keep bringing up the '80's since I haven't once mentioned anything from then. I guess you're just a troll. You'll likely be gone soon when the mods have had enough of you.
  18. You really don't understand avatars, do you? Good luck to you. You're going to need it.
  19. Look, I'm going to try to help you out, and I am honestly trying to help you, not put you down. I seriously have not made it more than halfway through any of your posts. It's so difficult to read that I just stop and skip it. I suppose I could try to sort through them, but my time is more valuable than that. You're coming here trying to communicate with us about Lexus cars. You want to tell us about your car and you want to get information about it. That's the reason every one of us is on here. However, there is a standard way to communicate here and that is the English language. Nobody is goi
  20. Between the grammar and the smileys I can't focus long enough to make it through even a single post. No idea what he said.
  21. When our car threw a misfire code it was the MAF sensor. The sensor was $90 and it took about 5 minutes to change myself. It could also be the engine control module (ECM), but you'll need to rule out some other things before that. It's unlikely that you had three coils go bad at the same time, so I think your mechanic was going the wrong direction. Do you have a Haynes or Clymer manual for the car? Knowledge is power.
  22. I would go with the 2007 ES350. That mileage is nothing on that car, especially now that they have gone to hydraulic lifters and a cam chain. That removes a big maintenance hit in replacing the timing belt and having valves adjusted later. We put about 20k miles a year on our '97 ES - it's up to 234k with no major problems. It still runs like it's new.
  23. You're probably not missing anything. I bought our '97 ES used in Texas and brought it back to Georgia where no front plate is required. When I removed the front bracket I found it was just screwed directly into the front bumper cover with sheet-metal type screws. I had to have the holes filled and repainted.
  24. I don't think it has anything to do with the remote. Something is making the locks cycle while the car is moving, but the remote can't operate the locks while the engine is running. I think there's a problem with the door lock circuit in the car - a bad switch or a sticking relay or a short. You'll need to check the circuits while the problem is happening. You'll need to use a multimeter to find out what's making the locks cycle and why the locks aren't operating after you have the problem. I've attached the pages from the 1997 FSM to get you started. Wiring Diagram.pdf
  25. Welcome! If your car has had proper maintenance and you continue, it will serve you for a long time. We have a '97 ES with 233,000 miles on dino oil. Unless you're going to use extended drain intervals in the 10k-12k mile range, there's no reason to use synthetic. I'm in Georgia and I use 5W30 in our car year round. As long as you change your oil regularly, you're never going to see any oil-related issues unless you use something like 90 weight oil in it. I did see a slight bump in gas mileage on the highway when I used synthetic, about 1 mpg. The recommendation from Lexus probably has a lot
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