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  1. Wife's mint 98 ES300 with 50K and the CEL comes on yesterday. Car has been meticulously maintained by Lexus (previous owner up to 45K). I went to AutoZone today and thier code readers won't communicate with the ECU. Any idea what is up with this? I really don't want to visit a Lexus dealer if I can figure it out and fix it myself. Thoughts? They tried several of their code readers too. Thanks, Tony
  2. looking for a 1998 driver side outer tail light lens ES300 model. PM or e-mail me at Thanks, Tony
  3. We just picked up a 1998 ES 300 with 38K on it and the passenger's mirror housing is scratched. That is the only mark on this car. The car is 'white" metallic on top but I cannot find the paint code. The door post has two stckers, one about air bags and the other for tire pressures. No information sticker on there, the door frame or the firewall. Help? Any ideas? Tony
  4. I'll make a note of that......thanks steviej! B) That is a good idea. Thanks
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