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  1. thank you. the mechanic said the ls400 is now only throwing code 47 (sub-tps). after replacing it the second time and calibration he drove the car for two days without incident. As soon as I drove it the engine light and traction light came back on.
  2. my 1993 ls400 is in the shop for codes 47 (TPS) and 24 (air temp sensor). After spending $800 on a new TPS and MAF the light still goes on, I believe he changed the same parts twice to no avail. I really don't want to lose this car. please help!
  3. Hi, My friend has a 1998 ES300 (155k Miles). It usually starts and runs fine. But sometimes she can't start it. The starter turns over OK, but it just won't start. Then she calls AAA and the mechanic manages to get it started by pressing the gas. It runs rough for a bit, then it's fine. One AAA guy said it may need a "Idle Air Control Motor". Is that the same thing as an "Air Idle Control Valve"? Or is there something else that adjusts the idle? Does the "Air Idle control valve" have an electrical connection (motor)? When I first got the car for her, I changed the wires, and the spark
  4. It's the differential fluid. I found the drain plug with a 10 mm hex head. It's not far from the frame, thus limiting access. I can't see getting this thing off without a wrench adapted to a hex socket. Haven't located the fill plug, which apparently is a regular 6 point bolt head (not hex). New Rod - 150K Miles
  5. But I'm not referring to the automatic transmission fluid (ATF). I mean the heavy gear oil.
  6. Hi, I have a 1998 Lexus ES300. I found the drain plug for the gear oil, but can't find where the plug is to fill the oil. Anyone know where it's located? Thanks.
  7. Now the Stealer wants $350 to replace an Air/Fuel mixture sensor. Just Bought all 3 Denso sensors from Rock Auto for under $300 (including 5% off and shipping): DENSO Part # 2344137 - Rear O2 Sensor DENSO Part # 2349009 - Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Front Right; Calif. DENSO Part # 2349007 - Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Front Left; Calif. California means the front sensors are air/fuel vs. O2 sensors Can anyone confirm that "right", "left" are relative to facing the rear of the engine, So right means the fire wall? Thanks Eli
  8. $1700 after getting a new front pipe and cat converter, the engine light came back on again. Seems like the Lexus stealer is going to fix everything but the engine light issue. Ughhh!!! Eli
  9. Sh*t's hitting the fan. Took it to the Lexus stealer. They want $1700 (including tax) to fix an exhaust leak off bank 2. They say the leak is throwing off the sensors. After they fix the leak (tomorrow), they can then proceed to diagnose further. They suspect a mass flow meter or fuel/mixture sensor. Does this make sense? Anyone out there? Eli
  10. Too bad there isn't the participation nor the expertise here on this thread as there is on the LS400 thread. Anyway if you go to Rock Auto, A/F sensors are listed under "Emission", "Oxygen Sensor". It's just so damn confusing. What's a heater circuit malfunction vs. just a plain vanilla circuit malfunction? For 2001 there are no Denso A/F sensors available, but one Bosch for both front and rear manifolds. But for a 1998 (my car) there are two Denso A/F sensors listed: Front Right and Front left. Why they don't use the same terminology is beyond comprehension. Front right means the f
  11. Hi, It's a 1998 ES300 with 152k miles. Timing belt was changed at 150k miles (at least that's what's written on the engine). I just bought it from a used car lot. No warranty except 1 year power train. I actually bought the car for a friend who lives in Boston, while I'm in Jersey so I can't troubleshoot myself. I'd like to avoid the dealer, but can a local shop work on this vehicle? How about a Toyota dealer? This thing is a Camry, correct? First day the engine light went on after re-fueling, code P1153 - air fuel ratio sensor circuit response malfunction (bank 2 sensor 1). cleared
  12. Mucho gras for the response. The service manual for the 1997 is pinned on this forum, duh. It has a 1 year basic power train warranty but no other (too many miles the salesman said). Will try to bring it back to the lot for diagnosis. It's too damn coincidental for the light to go on in so short a period of ownership. Aren't there lemon laws? Eli
  13. After you top off the coolant, keep the cap off and run the engine for a while. The coolant should drop a bit. Refill. I'd keep the container of coolant in the trunk for safe keeping for a while and fill appropriately. Eli
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