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  1. I'm looking for a good Lexus mechanic in the Charleston SC area. My ES300 cooling fans wont turn off. If I don't unhook the battery post, they'll run the battery down. There are no lights on stating a problem. Read a little about it possible being a temp sensor but I really don't want to just change parts. I'd rather a mechanic look at it. Any suggestions?
  2. Just a question for you: Is your check engine light on? My car is doing something similiar to this. Did you have a code indicating transmission speed sensor and ECU or just a guess? I am taking it to the repair shop today and see what they have to say. My car was running great until about a week after a timing change, water pump, and o2 sensor replacement. My check engine light isn't on right now which really suprises me. I will post what my mechanic finds out. What did the mechanic say?
  3. :D I'm the new owner of a 1999 ES300. Third owner Purchased from an individual whose Dad was the first owner. After having the tranny rebuilt, about six months later the car wont shift out of first. I bought it from them for 500.00 NO its not a typo....... $500.00 car is in great shape less wear than normal for 230000 mi If I have to have the tranny rebuilt again, Ill only have 2500 in it and will have a great car. I'm not expecting to have to do this because of the great info from here I've learned that it is most likely the speed sensor. I'll be purchasing a testor to see what codes come up. Car should retail for about 5000 repaired but I plan to drive it to and from work for the MPG. Looking foreward to many mods and few repairs after the initial. Any other ideas as to the prob will be much appreciated but I know that without any codes its hard to say. I'm 41 and have only had it for a week. I'll post pics when I have time later. Oh yeah.....Silver/Tan 2-tone