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  1. best to change them even if they look good as the saying goes looks can fool ya and yea true that if you press the button for the sunroof it open half way, push it again all the way. It;s for those who dont wanna let all the light in me i go all the way and put my hand out the window like i'm flying... i get looks when i do that B)
  2. Sorry didnt know you had a transverse engine.... i thought all 93-95's had the same as i do with no electric fan wonder why they change that? i think the hydrolic one is so much better for it hardly ever goes out being no electrical parts to go out
  3. i say the same too just get your abs sensor clean if you dont really have any problems stoping the sensor on your abs is dirty and need to be clean
  4. :chairshot: :chairshot: :chairshot: Let's just be real on this issue...... <_< there just isnt' a real solution to this hard shifting, late shifting, just plain lazy shifting... what i learnt is warm your car up till the rpm is below 1000. when taken off, never flow it look at your rpms compared to your shifting gears see which gear shift some what normal at what rpms like 1st some where around 1500 2nd 2200 so on.. your's may be different just see where the hard or late shifts begin at. once you figure that out either raise or lower your rpm's to where the shifting is not so hard or lazy like and just memorize it but dont try to force shift it let it shift on it's on even if it's late. If you in traffic just use your POWER button B) . I mean lexus not really good on acceleration all that fast but once you begin to pick up speed all else is going to flow
  5. My car is almost perfect from what it was merely 2 years ago :whistles: If you seen how she was running then and compared to now you be surprise :o just a few issues remain, one is the big cloud of blueish smoke coming from the tailpipe after it sits up overnight. How more embarrassing is that :cries: coming out in the morning, nothing but nice looking woman looking at you as you get in your Lexus and start her up then a big cloud of smoke.... just kill any chance of future babies :cries: Went to Autozone got this product call RESTORE and unlike some those others Autozone sell, this one didnt brag on how it can make your car brand new ...just what it says... it swells up those crack piston rings and value guide seals and not trying to endorse this RESTORE, but i can say i'm not embarrass to start my car in front of any sexy lady in the morning :) stuff really do works on reducing oil burning. Yea yea... I know there is no over the counter car fix <_< but at lease you can band-aid it up till you get ready to do that overhaul. SO ANYONE EVER HAVING SAME ISSUE I HAD WITH SMOKING TRY THAT RESTORE AND YOU NEVER BE EMBARRASS AGAIN...... TRUST ME :)
  6. as far as those bulbs go, really cant put them in the wrong way see when you turn the bulb just pull it out those slots i believe prevents them goin in any other way and what i learnt it's a series of bulbs on some that may just light up just one indicator on your panel. Telling you it's a major pain be better to just go head and pay to have it done not really for a novice at all trust i mess up 2 clusters :chairshot: but if you get yours done can you take a pic so i can see it? :)
  7. I know it has been a while since I was on here and I did all the checks you outlined George I even pulled the IACV and cleaned that also it seems to run a lot better but still have cel my pcv valve would not have any thing to do with it would it. My air intake hose just got in today must have been sent by covered wagon. I will put that on tomorrow .I need to get one of those code readers any suggestions on a good one that won't hurt the pocket book to much. Thanks again for the direction just go to auto zone have it read for free :whistles:
  8. again trying to change a person... :chairshot: dont you get it i'm me i cant be you nor them but just me
  9. Look, yeah, the guy and his group were really popular in the '80's. However, the photo is from 2008, and he's touring right now. I'm going to see him later this week. I'm actually impressed that you know who it is. I don't know why you keep bringing up the '80's since I haven't once mentioned anything from then. I guess you're just a troll. You'll likely be gone soon when the mods have had enough of you. This guy here man , I need you in a jar so i can remember what the 80's was like ...and i bet you are goin on tour in your time machine. You dont have to mention anything bout the 80-'s it's obvious you stuck there to this present day, still thinking as one who wore those big hairstyles, those 80's leather jackets bet your closet is full of 'em... :lol: you still watch punky brewster :) Moonlighting... ha you know Bruce willis doing movies now he dont do comedy any more did you know that? and i keep telling you 'chicks for you sir is not free' you going to have to pay sir :P
  10. not sure but people goin hate no matter where you at and for what... i will always shine with mine some just taken this soooooo serious if you not like them then you so much like nothing but it helps me here at work it's boring here
  11. you really dont understand we're not in the 80's B) anymore do you? hope you pick up a newspaper and check the dates good luck to you sir You really don't understand avatars, do you? Good luck to you. You're going to need it.
  12. Look, I'm going to try to help you out, and I am honestly trying to help you, not put you down. I seriously have not made it more than halfway through any of your posts. It's so difficult to read that I just stop and skip it. I suppose I could try to sort through them, but my time is more valuable than that. You're coming here trying to communicate with us about Lexus cars. You want to tell us about your car and you want to get information about it. That's the reason every one of us is on here. However, there is a standard way to communicate here and that is the English language. Nobody is going to bust your chops for making spelling errors or making some grammar mistakes, but your posts have to be written well enough for us to understand what you're trying to say. If you don't want to communicate in an effective method here, that's your choice, but you won't be able to extract any benefit from this forum unless you do. All of the rest of us are communicating using a common language structure and it works very, very well. It works well enough that we use it in our daily personal and professional lives and it makes us successful because we communicate effectively. If you want to be successful here, and everywhere in your life, learn to communicate in the way those with whom you wish to interact communicate. If you always get mad at people who say they don't understand you instead of learning to communicate with them, you will always find yourself unable to accomplish what you want or need. You have gained nothing from being here because none of us understands what you're trying to say. It's up to you to change that if you want any information here. Remember, you came here looking to interact with us; we didn't seek you out. :P :lol: Well if it isnt the 80's MTV superstar B) you right that aiiint workin,... money for nothing chicks for free... do you get any chicks mr 80's mtv superstar B) unlike that conservative that thinks people are beneath them you 'out of time' wanna be celebrity, you need to get in your time machine and come to the future my friend. I see you mind set is still of the 80's, sorry Reagan's not President anymore I bet you're shock huh. 1st up i'm not on here to 'extract benefits' as you say but merely on here for entertainment. I work, I get bored, I blog... is that o.k with you Mr *80's star B) and you seem to stress i must communicate to be successful successful? didnt take it that serious like this was a career move or something lighten up man get out the 80's mindset it's 2010 we do things way different then what you was use to we have black president, we dont use 8 tracks anymore, and chicks for you may not be free :P
  13. :lol: A Moron... do you really know the meaning of this word if you look in the mirror maybe this can be cleared up.. i like the way you try to quote me and try will hard to make me sound like i'm contradicting myself i give you 4 stars for the effort but if you going to quote someone make sure you quote all not part and as far as schooling :P let me sit you down in the chair as you read the chart-board o.keeee let me quote you 1st off LMAO! What does this even mean? OOO you dont understand what i was saying... and i had this impression you this conservative that went to college who hates life but maybe you didnt really finish all your classes and you quick to tell some one to take classes....... but i will be so glad to brake it down to a level even to which you can understand when i say going to a RESTAURANT that you dont like and eat the food there and still complain, i'm saying if you know you dont like something why even deal with it, like if you dont like what i write why even read it...did you understand that much? :lol: Quoute ' are obviously a scholastically slow teenager who valet parks cars for a living...have a 17 year old Lexus you paid $1,800 for that, according to your own description, blows blue smoke and the A/C comes on when you turn on the headlights, with Superman stickers all over it and can't even put a coherent sentance together...but we're "hating on you" because you're "doing better than us". If you finish reading my forums you learn that I took care of my car smoking and fix my air way long ago but i imagine you Low-attention span didnt allow to see that may need to get that check :( and the theme to that is i had a ghetto Lexus that i fix up all by myself.. have you done anything all by yourself? so yes i have lots to be proud of but the hate in SOME PEOPLE want allow others to enjoy that instead trying to put or at lease think you putting someone underneath you is the only joy you get.. you must not be married living such a horrible life :cries: Do you actually believe that? To be a teenager you think that thing or you impresses anyone who isn't 14 and doesn't have parents that are cousins? You have to start somewhere, and I realize that you are young and excited about your Lexus...but come on. Its a ghetto hooptie that cost less than I paid for my television...get over yourself LOL If you didn't have the attitude everyone would welcome you with open arms. Since you're acting like a punk though we're going to tell you how it is. And yes i'm very happy of my Lexus Luther and always will be I will pray for you and keep you inform of how more luxury things i have done to my car so you can continue to hate and maybe one day all your hatred will be gone, used up so then you can smile :) and birds will fly at your door instead of frogs :D
  14. :cries: :cries: I can remember taken my car to be service to Swell Lexus out here in Dallas, for a steering wheel bolt recall i found online. (If i didnt search online i wouldn't even known that was an issue) <_< and at that time, my car was makin a whining noise that was coming from the engine when you rev. it up. When they replace the bolt on there had them also look at where that noise was coming from. I told them it was another engine in there, so the service man told the guy at the counter to listen to it and told me it was my values and the people who install my engine didnt take time and my values are starting to bend. I told him that it had good compression but he told me for now but not long and give me a price on some new values....2200.00 plus install at 1800.00 so I was looking at over 3000.00 I took it to a mom pops shop they said it COULD be my timing belt. So i had to decide the dealer was right or small shop could have a point ( I mean i haven't had a timing belt done in a long time) after a while i just went some where and got my Timing belt replace, figuring it needed to be done anyway and if that's not it well just gotta save to get the values done but not at the dealer somewhere else. Guess what <_< put that timing belt on there, no more noise just to think if i listen to that dealer guy putting them values in, they still stick me for replacing the timing belt :chairshot: Another time I was coming from a taco bell and this lady in the drive thru, for some unknown reason back up and hit me ( wasnt that hard but like a jolt) she got out her car apologize blah, blah <_< ( was kinda fine) and we exchange info all that, but that next day i notice when i turn my lights on, for some strange reason, my air-condition came on and everytime i turn on my lights air comes on, when i turn it off few minutes later it come back some Lexus ghost was in there scary...if i didnt turn my lights on everything o.k and i can turn my air on/off but switching those lights was the problem so at night my air be on and the temp out side be like 45 degrees so it was an issue :( took it to a Toyota dealership this time and this lady talk to me and she told me to talk to her supervisor and he went out even look under the hood and I told him what happen and he said ' this car got bout a mile of wiring :o it could be anything with those wires and the 95.00 charge would to just be to find what's causing it but could be a deep repair, I ask do he think cuz she hit me could that have jolted something electrical, he said maybe but not likely this is an old car so it's more deep related to wiring. Man i didnt want to hear that :( but i notice my display that control the air-conditioning light was going i figure well it wont hurt to get another one so I went to local salvage yard paid like 75.00 and took that one out and plug up new one turn my lights on....guess what B) no air is coming on now and when i turn my air on it work just 2 dealer's advice was not even on point :P but i was anyone ever listen to a dealer and they was way wrong? To me research is the best advice what yall think?