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  1. I'm guessing it was original since there was no sticker on the t-belt cover when I bought the car a few years ago.
  2. mkeeney I think you're right since Midas was talking about the actual timing belt and I think they were basing their recommendation based on mileage. Anyway I got it changed by Lexus dealership for cheaper than what Midas wanted to charge. It seems in my area (co.springs, co), the Lexus dealership is pretty reasonable so I'd rather go to the dealership than Midas. I actually saved about $100 bucks going with Lexus over Midas. Again thanks to all of you for your input. Much appreciated!
  3. Ok so a few days ago I went to Midas to change oil on my '94 ES300, 135K miles. And after about half hour the car was ready but the mechanic gave me some alarming news. He says the timing belt is in bad shape and needs to be replaced ASAP!! Also needs to change the water pump and the total was around $1100. Now of course I started wondering how did they find that out without opening the engine? I talked to Lexus dealership and they were surprised how Midas could tell if the belt needed to be changed without opening the engine. Now I'm wondering what the experts here think about this? Is there anyway possible you can tell if the timing belt needs to be changed without opening the engine? thanks guys.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I really appreciate it. Hopefully it won't cost me much when I take it to the toyota mechanic.
  5. I bought my 1994 ES300 last year and I simply love this car. It has about 116K miles on it. Lately I have noticed a problem with the electrical instruments i.e sometime when I'm driving, all of a sudden all the lights, instrument panel, radio headlights just turn off for about a sec or two but the engine keeps running. I have also noticed that when I apply brakes, the headlights seem to dim a little. What could be the problem? Please Help!
  6. Thanks for the reply. I might as well do the 90K service from the Lexus dealership while i'm ahead.
  7. Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that im a proud owner of a '94 ES300 with 112,500 miles on it. A couple of days ago my wife totalled our Honda Accord LX, thank God no one was hurt, so i started the painful search of finding a reliable but safe car and the joy of haggling with the dealer! Anyway, i had read and heard a lot of rave reviews about the legendary Lexus reliability and luxury and always wanted to test drive one to see what the big deal was about. I saw this nice ES300 that had all the options except heated seats which would've been nice here in CO but oh well. The car looked pretty clean and well kept from inside as well. After I test drove it, I must admit I was really impressed with the quietness of the engine and the absolute smoothness of the drive. To be honest i like the overall feel, smoothness, quality of components and design even more than my previous 1995 BMW 530i. I hope to learn a lot from you all here and maybe share some good experiences with this car. One thing i would like to know about this car is that is the engine considered an "Interference Engine"?, since our Honda had to have the timing belt changed at 100K miles or risk total engine damage! Thank you.
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