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  1. Hi, Couple of days ago, Check Engine light appeared on my 98 es300. As I knew that the loose gas cap may also be the issue, I opened the gas cap, cleaned it, removed the battery cables and put back everything after 15 min. The light went away but after driving 50KM in city, it came back. I called garage and made an appointment to have it diagnosed. Just before my appointment, I refilled the gas tank and guess what.., the engine light wasn't there anymore! It has been two days now and it hasn't appeared again. Not to forget mentioning, there is no other issue at all while driving the car. W
  2. Hello all, When raining, the locks of my es300 doesn't work properly : 1. Lock with key (yes) 2. Lock with manual actuator button (NO) 3. Unlock with key (yes) 4. Unlock with manual actuator button (yes) 5. Lock with remote (NO) 6. Lock with electrical lock switch (NO) 7. Unlock with remote (yes) 8. Unlock with electrical lock switch (yes) In good weather, everything seems to be fine. Recently brought a visit to a Toyota garage (Have no Lexus dealer in neighbourhood), fixing price goes over $300 but they mentioned in their estimate "Micro Switch in Pass door not working - replacement
  3. I don't think it has anything to do with the remote. Something is making the locks cycle while the car is moving, but the remote can't operate the locks while the engine is running. I think there's a problem with the door lock circuit in the car - a bad switch or a sticking relay or a short. You'll need to check the circuits while the problem is happening. You'll need to use a multimeter to find out what's making the locks cycle and why the locks aren't operating after you have the problem. I've attached the pages from the 1997 FSM to get you started. Hi mkeeney, Thanks for your detailed
  4. Thanks for your input. Can you please tell where the central lock receiver is located please ? Sorry for this question, but I am a new Lexus member and still has to begin learning about my car which I have recently bought. Once again, thank you very much for the reply!!
  5. Hi all, I have discovered a wierd problem with remote and central lock of my ES300 (98). While driving sometimes, the door locks start to open and close themselves. Right after it happens, the central lock stops working. Driver side lock opens but doesn't go close (with remote or with front door switches, if inside). After the car is still standing for more than 12 hours, everything starts working again but don't last too long... My first thought was to reprogram the remote. But if remote has the problem, the front door locks should work properly. So, I am in desperate need of a solution. Pl
  6. Hi all, I am new on this forum. Just bought an ES300. Great Car and I love driving it. Does somebody have Factory Owners Manual of this model please ??? Thanks for your valuable input!!
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