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  1. Well i would like a oem part, however i cant find one. My lexus has 220k miles on it, and from what i know, it never had a blown flange b4. I want to take it to a lexus dealer and get it fixed, but Im pretty sure it would be expensive as hell. I'm going to call up some mechanic friends to see if they have any other solutions. Don't want to spend too much money on the car, because i am ready to get a new car, and the lexus would just be a spare.
  2. That is exactly what i am talking about. I had a look under the car, and the pipe was a one piece with the cat. It is like $500 to get a new cat & flex from auto zone, so i am just gonna take it to a junkyard, and get a new flex tube, and just meld it in. And yes i know that i dont have a vtec, just that my car is louder than a
  3. I did notice that u said fuse are fine in your post, however describe fine. Is the fuse getting electricity, check that with a meter. other than that, there isn't really much you can do other than maybe buying one new bulb and testing it and see if it works. If it doesn't probably means that your connectors/fuse are bad. If it works just means your low beam light bulbs are out. Shouldn't be that expensive and hard to fix. You can usually grab a bulb on ebay for a cheap price.
  4. Guys this is my current situation. I pull out of a stop sign, and rev my engine to around 2k rpm, and it just sounded like my vtec just kicked in. I mean like it scared me, i thought at first i blew a gasket. But had a friend and a mechanic check, it was a flex pipe. I am looking into replacing that flex pipe, because it is just too loud for my neighborhood, and there's carbon monoxide. I am wondering if anyone out there that had this problem previously, and could link me a site that sells cheap flex pipes. Thanks Ben
  5. Umm, well i did 120 to 125ish on the road with a 97 lexus with 228k Miles, i was bringing the car back from the mechanic to my mom. The lexus is my mom's car. The Engine wasn't that loud and the car seemed fine.
  6. Okay Guys, i just recently got my mom's car back from the mechanic and here is the list of repairs needed for the car. 2 Rear Trailing Arms Stabilizer Links - Rack Bushings. 2 Front Lower Control Arms 4 Struts & Top Mounts. The Car - 97 Lexus ES300 I am wondering if i should DIY, or just let the mechanic do it b/c he is quite cheap and i trust him.
  7. Thanks for the advices. I probably am going to get the head gasket fix, and timing belt...etc.
  8. I am also going to do a coolant system flush and see if that helps. If the oil is still coming into the tank ill probably end up having my new or old mechanic check and fix it. I really want to know what is wrong with the car before i take it to the shop b/c i really don't want to be rip off.
  9. Sorry for not responding quicker, I just had a oil change. The oil looks normal before and after the oil change. I don't really know how long the car has been driven with the overheating problem b/c i do not drive it, my mom does. For the week i had the car, it did not seem as if the car is extremely over heating. I can feel heat coming from the vents, but after i turn on the fan w/o ac running, it seemed fine. I just check my coolant tank today, and its empty, and i refill it about 5 days ago. Seems like i am either leaking or burning it. And i am looking for another mechanic.
  10. Thanks for the help. Do you know how much does a head gasket repair cost. Can it be a DIY job? My mechanic offers cheap prices thats why i go to him.
  11. Yes there is a significant amount of oil change. When my mom was complaining about the engine overheating, i took the car for a week. Beginning of the week, the car's engine level was full, after a week, it was near low. My though was that because it was a old car/engine it was just burning engine oil. There was a power steering fluid leakage about 6 months ago, but i got that fix. Engine do over heat often, and my mom always complain about this weird smell from the engine after 20 minutes of high way commute.
  12. Hello guys, i been noticing a problem with my antifreeze coolant tank. about a month ago when i was filling up my coolant, i notice on the top of my left over anti freeze, there was this layor of black, nasty looking oil. I took it to a mechanic and he said probably someone just dump power steering fluid in it since the power steering fluid tank was right next to it. Since i did not do it, i guess it would of been my mom, whom drives the car offend. So my mechanic just drain and wash the tank for me and check that none of it go into the system. Then last night, when i was checking the fluid le
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