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  1. I have a general driving question. I currently have a 2010 ES350 and used to have a 2001 ES300. I live in an area with plenty of small to steep hills and valleys. In order to save wear and tear on my brakes, I often shift from D to 4th, 3rd, and sometimes 2nd gear while traversing the hills. I was able to get 180,000 miles on my 2001 ES300 using this driving technique never having any transmission problems, and didn’t even change the transmission fluid. Am I hurting the transmission by driving in this manner or should I continue this method?
  2. For about the last 4 model years the consensus has been that the Michelin Primacy is the best tire for the ES models as it gives a quiet and smooth ride as well as excellent wear. The Micheline is the tire I have used for several years. Remember, this only applies to the Michelin Primacy. I know of no other tire suggestions for other Lexus models. Paul I purchased the Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology from Tire Rack last June. They have been great. A lot cheaper than the Michelin Primacy.
  3. This just recently started. When I run my AC and talk through my Bluetooth connected iPhone, people on the other end complain about 'wind noise' from my end of the conversation. I turn the AC off and all is well. Any ideas what may be causing this?
  4. Honestly, just walk in there and tell them what you need and what car you own. You will need the O2 Sensor for upstream. And don't get the universal one that is less money unless you want to pretend you are an electrician under your car and rewire the thing. That didn't sound like fun to me. The socket is an O2 sensor socket. It is the perfect size and has a cut out for the wire to go thru. You will understand when you go to slip it on and unscrew it. I unclipped the sensor by pressing the top of the clamp that was holding the O2 sensor. You may want to look at the sensor that is near t
  5. Changed mine today as a matter of fact! Bank 1 Sensor 1 near the firewall, under the car on a 2000 ES300. $169.99 Bosch part from Advance Auto, $13.89 socket as well, and just a standard socket set. My code was P1130, but same part. About 1.5 hrs from start to finish. Not bad for a middle-aged woman w/minimal car fixing experience in the 96* heat! I am pretty happy with me. :D Sensors probably can be had cheaper elsewhere, but I have plans to drive this weekend and couldn't wait. This one was local and in stock and cheaper then Napa's $212. Best Wishes to you! Thanks for your
  6. My 2001 ES 300 has a "P1135 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 1)" error code. Does anyone know the official Lexus part number for the air/fuel ratio sensor and where I can get one? I was told that this part can only be obtained from a Lexus dealer at a $200+ charge.
  7. Where is the location of the amplifier (Pioneer stock radio) on a 2001 Lexus ES300?
  8. 2001 Lexus ES300. A few months ago my FM on my radio stopped working. Everything else works - AM and CD. I suspect something happened to the FM antenna. The FM just 'buzzes,' with no reception at all. I bought another identical radio (Pioneer), disconnected the old radio and connected the new one. Same situation. I checked both antenna cables and they were connected to the back of the radio. I know the antenna is in the rear window (lower left corner). How do the antenna cables from the radio (in the dash)get connected to the rear window and how do you get to this place? Or is there s
  9. Check the gas cap. After filling the tank completely,sometimes when the gas cap isn't put on properly, the CE/TRAC Off light goes on.
  10. Where is the location of the antenna for a 2001 ES300? There is not a mast antenna on the car. Where is the antenna cable? How difficult is it to find this cable?
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