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  1. UPDATE: Just went for a short drive, the lights ARE sweeping now, they go down first, then come up. After couple of seconds the auto level light comes on. Sorry for the confusion
  2. OK so let me explain in DETAIL what happened: First, when I got the car, the headlights were aimed at the ground. They were barely covering 10 feet infront of the car. They used to sweep fine. On startup first go up then come back down. So I adjusted both the headlights by turning ONE of the bolts (in the manual it says to adjust 2). I couldnt find the 2nd bolt (you have to insert the screw driver sideways) . I aimed the lights a bit lower just to get a feel of the level. Everything was fine until now. The lights sweeped up and then down. No auto level light. After 2 days or so of adjusti
  3. Good call, The lights have stopped sweeping on startup now, so I guess I will have to re adjust them and see what happens
  4. Thanks for the quick reply gb, I remember seeing some rust underneath the car. I will take a close look at the rear passenger side. I am just concerned as to why did it happen after I adjusted my lights and not before....or was it just coincidence?
  5. Hey guys I just bought a 02 Es 300 with roughly 100K km (60K mi) on it. It has factory HID lights. When I got the car the lights were aimed at the ground. It was covering about 5-10 feet in front of me. A day or so after I adjusted the headlights the auto level light came on. The motors are working fine. The lights swivel up and stay there, then the auto level light comes on. (before the lights used to swivel first up AND down) Can it be that I just adjusted one screw instead of both for this light to come on? (I couldn’t find the other screw) I cant scan it using my OBD 2 scanner. Any
  6. I had the same 2 lights on, It turned out to be the after cat o2 sensor. From what I gather, the computer turns off trac control when the check engine light comes on. might be something else, better pull the codes to be sure -Omar
  7. It has approx 156,000 miles on I consider that high mileage...a few rust spots here and there....but overall in pretty nice shape considering its much do you think it should be worth? I went to another shop as well to ask them about the valve cover gaskets, they also said that you have to remove the intake manifold...i guess it is to make their job easier and make more money in the process...since im not in a hurry to get them fixed..(i know they are leaking)...some lucas stop leak should do the trick...I doubt im going to have them no need to get the intake
  8. Hey LL He quoted me around $ 2500 CDN for replacing both valve covers, P/S pump, rack , labour and tax....the car is worth about $3500 so i dont see the point in spending that much on it anyways...apparently only the gaskets for the intake manifold are $200 !!...labour was alot since he has to remove the intake manifold to get access to the other valve cover....the price for the P/S pump and rack is for refurbished ones.... To put in a stop leak additive I would have to remove some of the P/S fluid from the reservoir ....Ive got this car almost a year and ive never had to top it i d
  9. hey guys sorry for the late update... so after the mechanic lifted the car up and inspected the area (after cleaning it thoroughly 2 days before)...he found the P/S pump to be leaking...the rack has a minor leak on both sides...and the culprit according to him is the valve cover leaking oil from the top and falling on the P/S he gave me a quote to change the valve covers (half the price of the car)...then took me aside and politely told me to sell the car while i still can LOL so verdict is in...there can be an issue with any of the 2 major components....he still cant figure out
  10. Exactly same situation with me...altough the whole thing was covered in P/S fluid...never had to top up the resorvior
  11. Hey guys Sorry i dont have a fix for u ppl...yet...Took it the shop today...jacked it up...removed the FR Wheel....removed inner liner to expose the pump.....and saw that the whole thing including the pump is covered in P/S instead of fixing the washer/seal he suggested that he clean the area thorughly and have me drive it around and bring it in tommorow to see exactly where it is leaking from...according to him it could also be leaking from a seal in the pump itself (but it wouldnt explain why the P/S fluid is covering the pipes ABOVE it) he cleaned it and thats about it...
  12. Hey LL Sorry for the late reply First off thanks for your response...I found out the hard way that there is no place to lube in a steering rack..LOL...well over the weekend the problem got progressively worse (steering got harder)...The car sat for all of mon. today morning I started up the car and the steering was 80% normal...compared to 10% the day before....and after driving for a couple of min it became 90% normal.... Still i took it to the shop..they lifted it up and found a leak in upper pipe connected to the P/S pump...I forgot if it was the return or sending pipe..but it has a wash
  13. Hello I have a 1997 ES 300 with roughly 250,000 km (156,000 mi) on it. Two days ago the steering of started becoming stiff intermittently....for example while turning, it would turn halfway without effort and then become stiff for the remainder of the would sort of get stuck in place and effort would be require to move it back to center....this was more prominent when the car was cold....this started happening right after there was heavy rainfall (5 days straight) during which I drove thru big puddles..... So i assume that it has something to do with constantly being wet for 4-
  14. 1) You can find remotes on Ebay too. The car is programmed to accept the remote. The remote only sends a signal and is never programmed. This means that on cars like yours and mine, multiple cars can be unlocked with the same remote. The programming instructions are on this forum. Do a search, and if you search my username they will come up somewhere. 2) The Nakamichi system wouldn't be able to control your cd changer. Do you have a changer in the glove box? We have the Pioneer system and I've always been happy with it. The subwoofer makes a big difference. Otherwise you should be able to ins
  15. Hello guys, This is my first lexus. Just baught it a week ago. Hoping if you can help me with some of the questions that I have. It is a 97 Es 300 with about 230,000 km (143,000 mi) canadian spec. It runs and drives perfectly until now (touch wood) Here Goes: 1)The previous owner lost the keyless remote.I asked the dealer and he quoted me upwards of $300. I looked online and found used ones for around $70. Im wondering if I can program these used remotes to unlock/lock my car? Are the remotes that they are selling erased or something? 2)I want to figure out which audio system I have. The p
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