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  1. Today My car died All the sudden all my dashlights were deaad.I couldnt shut the a/c off,the car was puttering. I noticed the windows were vry slow going down.THought battery was dead I pulled over, the car was running rough, then it idled smooth I thought the battery was looses cause i seen corrosion. So i figured remove the terminal and clean it ,but the car shut right off when I reved the pos terminal I chraged battery and drove 40miles w/no problem,came home pulled terminal off and it stalld,I did 8 times. The 9th time, it didnt stall. Now its charging good. The battery had alot o
  2. My tach was off by 15mph then the speedo and tach died together. The week before my radio stopped working,the antenna goes up when key is on,it lights up,but wont turn on anymore. Now 1 week later the temp guage seems to be sitting almost directly on the bottom like it dont move at all.I keep forgetting to see what it says when i 1st get in.But it stays at the bottom 1-100% i would say its sitting at 5% always/ and that cant be right. Any thoughts?
  3. GO INVEST IN A 29DOLLAR GLOBAL ECU READER AT SEARS.get the codes and see whats going on. When you switched ecu,you may have put the wrong one inside that made it run too lean or too rich.They are not all the same.It could have a completly different proogram if not exact number match. Its like a heart transplant.They need to learn how to run the car right..Or it gets rejected. Your got rejected i think. Check the fuel pump man!! if you have compression,you have spark,you have fuel..You should have a running car. These are electrical mnightmare yes. Could be a wire....goto library and get
  4. Steve,thanks Changed the alt after testing everything i could find.And shes runnin like a champ!! 14.4v with full load .Battery never spun the engine so hard since ive had it. BTW yes it was saturated with oils!!! old and new... also....M SPEEDO WENT OUT WITH MY TACH..THE speedo was off by 15mph for gf said she ran something over then both the tach and sppedo were dead 2 days later...will check the botttom speedo cable...but the tach????????????
  5. Hi THIS is my 1st post here.I will be answering some questions while IM waiting for an answer to my questions :) My alternator is doing nothing! WHen i remove the neg terminal the car shuts off.I charged the batt to 12.7v.While it runs it discharges slowly down to about 10v then I recharge and continue testing. I checked every fuse under the dash and under the hood. CHecked the block fuses.Even opened up the block fuses and tested voltage AT THE WIRE.aLL THE SAME Seems my gf ran something over and the speedometer and tach stopped working last week. the dashb oard shows the battery light
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