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  1. If the coils were just replaced I would re check that the connector and coil wire are connected well. Also there are 2 ignighters on the car, passenger side wheel well, could have a bad one. But I have not heard of them ever being a problem.
  2. Well it's done. Total price came to $1108.00 with tax and coolant. So far it is great. The car runs excellent, much more responsive and smoother. Also, still on the first fill up, I seem to be getting much better gas mileage. So I am happy with them and their service. Thanks again for all of you input. Walt
  3. Thank you all for the info. and support. I had decided to do this myself if the last shop I had left to call did not work out, confidence and price wise, however meeting the owner and being given a price of $475.00 for labor I decided to go with his shop. Part of the decision is based on the water pump leaking so much that I am putting 1/2 of a gallon of coolant a day into the car, and the local temperature around 106 daily with high humidity, I did not think I could spend that much time out in the garage. The shop is European automotive service in Palm Desert, CA. He also has excellent on-line reviews ( I know ). I'll let you know how it all works out. Thanks again, Walt
  4. Thank you Landar, Your information is insightful and very helpful. Walt
  5. I've not heard of ignighter problems with the ls ( i have a 93 ls ). But this sounds like an ignighter problem. I had these issues with 2 different Toyota's, except for the sputtering at start up. They would run fine then act like I was running out of gas. Let it sit a while and would start right up. Finally would not start at all. In fact this was recall, years ago, and Toyota would repair free of charge. There are 2 ignighter's located on top of the passenger side wheel well. With that being said, this year does have ECM/ECU issues. I replaced mine with one off ebay. My ECM issues were different from what you describe. Engine would drop rpm whenever I tried to accelerate more than just slightly. Also you can search the forum to see how to read you Cel codes. This could narrow it down for you.
  6. Hello everyone, I've read some of the topics on changing the TB. I am in need of a new water pump, as it is leaking, and my LS is overdue for a TB change. I have a fair amount of mechanical experience, but nothing at this level for many years. My question, to those of you that have changed your own, is would you do it again or pay to have this done?. And do you have any info. on mechanics in the Palm Springs area of CA? In my area the local Lexus and Toyota dealers want around $1700.00 to change everything out. eg. timing belt, water pump, idler pulleys, TB tensioner,serpentine belt tensioner and pulley, cam and crank seals. I am about ready to do this myself but a little reluctant to try it. Especially since it is around 110 degrees out daily. And no a/c in the garage. Also, if you would, give any tips / tricks that you learned. Especially about lining up the belt marks and getting the crankshaft pulley bolt off and removing the pulley. Thank you, Walt
  7. If the engine runs smoothly at idle and when you are not trying to accelerate more than just slowly. I doubt that it is the coil ( the driver side coil seems to go first due to its low position and engine heat so I have read and experienced) I have a 93ls that had simular to what you described and there seems to be a few 90-94 post with simular issues. Try to read your cel codes and post any you get. It may be your TPS code 41. But my early bet is that it is you ECM. Don't pass out as a new one is around 1500+. There are some repair shops for ECM's and used ones for 100-300. Very easy to change out.
  8. I could not get code 41 off my 93Ls with replacing and adjusting the TPS. The car would drop rpm and basically seem to go into neutral, as it would lose forward acceleration, if I pressed on the gas peddle more than just a little. Eventually I had the cel code for the vehicle speed sensor ( forgot the # ) and the car seemed to skip from 1st to 3rd and would not go into overdrive. Gave up and bought a used ECM off e-bay for $200. Put it in and this fixed everything. My 93 is running great now. Some ECM have leaking capacitors that cause shorts on the board. And could cause any type of problem depending on what they are shorting out. You can search my posts to find out more details and if you are interested in where I sent my ECM for repair. I did have what I thought was a problem with the repair service But in the end they were great.
  9. In LA there is a large suppler called TAP I think it stands for Toyota Auto Parts. They have an on-line parts web site.
  10. have you checked for any cell codes? I have read that the erg being somewhat clogged can cause this failure also. If you were running on 4 clys. It may be a bad coil. The driver side coil seems to go out most often.
  11. has not set their status

  12. Thanks for all of your input. It was the dimmer switch. Not sure how it got turned off. But it is working now at least in the daylight. Have not checked it in the dark. Walt
  13. you know that is a good question! I had not thought of the dimmer switch. I'll have a look. All of the outside lights are working. Thank you.
  14. Don't know about the voltage readings. But My 93ls had the same problem. Sent my ecm for repair. they sent it back saying it was to far gone to repair. Bought one on e-bay now my ls runs fine.
  15. my 93ls400 has a new problem that I have not heard of before. The white lighting comes on when I start the car. But when I turn the parking or headlight switch on the white lights go off completely. The cluster panel is totally dark. The idiot lights still work though. ( I know that they are reflected onto the panel cover ). I have the usual problem of intermittent tach and spedo. working. Any thoughts on this?
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