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  1. Hi , BC Can you tell me what this device is called, I looked but could not find anything. Thanks Bearone
  2. Where did you find 95' heat in this country, I live in Atlanta and freezing here. Great mileage, I can get 33 on the road with no A/C. Gotta love these Lexus cars.
  3. Sounds like it might be out-of -round or warped rotors. Good Luck
  4. Hi All, Has anybody used the Bridgestone Turanza W/Serenity tires in place of the Bridgestone Turanza EL400. I have the Bridgestone Turanza EL400 on my ES350 now and need just two tires, and was thinking about putting on the Bridgestone Turanza W/Serenity as there ratings are better. Thanks for any info.
  5. I would try another Lexus dealer.
  6. I have used 87 octane on my 09 ES since it was new,and on my old 02 with 90,000 on it and never had any problem. I aslo use Gumout injector cleamer every 5000 miles.
  7. I don't understand how window tinting can effect tire pressure sensors. Ask the shop to explain, I would love to hear what they have to say. P. S. Welcome to the club
  8. Hi Stan, I also have 2009 ES350 with nav. love the car. On the left of the nav. screen hit the INFO button and a screen will come up where you can turn that feature on or off. Good luck..
  9. Hi, I have 2009 ES350 on my car the bottom button on the right side of the nav screen is a menu button press it and there is a set up button but I don't believe that is what you are looking for.
  10. Hi Mel, You do not need to reprogram the remote. It is very easy to change the battery yourself just slide the top off the fob you will see a notch, with a flat blade screwdriver twist open the fob and you will see the battery. Battery number is 1632. Good Luck!!!
  11. Hi, I have a '09 ES350 i would think the lights in the back are the same. Inside the trunk behind the tail light is a small panel with 2 tabs pull the tabs back and the panel will come off, than you can access the bulbs. Good Luck!!!
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