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  1. They first replaced my vaccuum assembly (didn't work) and then replaced the booster and that did it. I haven't had the problem since. FWIW, one thing that they did mention is that if you depress the brake pedal when the car is off and don't start it, you may have this problem the next time you start it. I doubt you're doing that, but I mention it just in case.
  2. Thanks. Lexus changed the vacuum assembly, and it seemed to be better, but still had the problem occasionally. Today they changed the vacuum booster. Hopefully that does it ... (and thankfully it was covered by the extended warranty!). Brian
  3. Hi all, I have a 2007 ES 350. In the past couple of weeks, I've had a problem where the brake pedal is very hard to depress when starting the car. It only happens when the car has been sitting for several hours and once the car is started, it is OK. I've brought it to the dealership and they can't find anything wrong. Has anyone ever heard of this? Thanks. Brian
  4. Does the DVD version vary by year of car, e.g. is it the same version for a 2007 ES, 2008 ES, 2009 ES? I have a 2007 ES w/ v6.1 DVDs. I'm wondering how back levelled I am. Thanks.
  5. Well... the Lexus folks said that they dropped the roof panel and (I guess) added some padding. It helped the noise but did not totally stop it. The good news is that the mysterious thud in the back is gone. They claim that they didn't find/do anything, but it is gone (hopefully forever). Perhaps as part of the 30k service, something was tightened or moved... I don't know, but I'm not complaining! Brian
  6. Hi again ... was wondering if people generally get the extended warranty and if so, do they think it's worth it? I did not get it when I bought my car in 2007, but am wondering IF I can get it now as I get near the end of the warranty period, what it would cost, and if, in your opinion, you think it's worth it. I have the nav system, and am thinking if anything goes wrong with that, it would probably be the cost of the extended warranty plus more. Thanks again (no more questions tonight!) Brian
  7. Hi again... am bringing my 07 ES350 in for the 30k service next week and have two strange noises. Looking to see if anyone has had something simlar since these are intermittent and may be hard to find and fix. Actually, this first one is easy. It's a clicking noise that appears to be in the roof to the right side of the moonroof. It is intermittent but stops when you simply push up on the ceiling. Anyone have anything like that? The second is much more intermittent. The sound is similar to the noise when you pop open the trunk. It's in the back on both sides. It happens every single m
  8. Hi all... I have a 2007 ES350. I have the original DVDs for navigation (still need to hit the "I Agree" button). Can I tell what version I have and also what the latest version is? I'm trying to determine if it's worthwhile to upgrade. Also, any idea what the cost is for the latest version? Thanks...
  9. I just had my first problem with the navigation system (2007 ES350). The map/destination screens said "external system not connected" and the radio screen read "audio off" while the audio was on. When I shut the car and restarted, it appeared to be OK, but is this the beginning of a problem or just a fluke occurrence? Thanks.
  10. Is there a way to fix when the lights & nav system goes to night mode? When driving just when it starts to get dark, the dashboard lights and nav system can switch back and forth between day and night mode for a period of 10-15 minutes as you hit various areas that may be lighter or darker. Is there any way to fix this so that once it switches it stays switched? Thanks.
  11. Definitely check the spare. This happened to me a while back and the problem was the spare. The monitor checks all FIVE tires.
  12. Me again ... I think I may have read this somewhere in this forum since I'm not sure how else I would have known to check this, but can't seem to find it so figured I'd post it again. The tire pressure warning turned out to be a low spare tire... so if you ever see the light, be sure to check the spare !
  13. I think I found it... the manual (p 391) says 30 psi. Another question though... any idea what triggers the warning, .e.g., how much off does a tire need to be to trigger the light?
  14. This may seem to be an incredibly stupid question but... I have a 2007 ES 350. The tire pressure warning light came on. I was looking at the tires and no where does it say what they should be inflated to. The tires are Bridgestone Turanza EL400. The tires say the max pressure is 51psi, and they also say that they shouldn't be inflated past 40 psi... but there is no recommended (unless the 40 psi is assumed). Any ideas? Somewhat related... if the pressure proves to be ok in all the tires, is there some way to reset the light? Thanks. Brian
  15. The lighting seems to be particularly bad when going downhill. Perhaps that has to do with the auto-levelling? Unfortunately there's no way to turn that off to find out. It just doesn't seem logical to make the brightest lights ever and then point them downward ... I'm not sure what that accomplished. Anyway, that's just one person's opinion ....
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