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  1. I've now owned 4 Lexus vehicles 3 ES350's and one RX330. All were excellent and driven to 165k - 200k. I still have a 2016 with 60k on the clock. Now the wife wants to get an NX 300 and I'm wondering if the 2.0L 4 cyl is any good. OR am I asking for problems? Any opinions from owners would be apprciated.
  2. Get a CPO ES350 in year 2016 or 2017. It will come with a two year full warranty and can be had for $25k. Any Lexus or Toyota dealer can service it.
  3. I moved and due to HDD crash lost all of my forum info. But now have a 2016 ES350 and really like it.
  4. 1. I am really bothered by the hesitation when I try to accelerate quickly from a very low speed. 2. I am concerned with the self acceleration at 23 mph, when slowing down while coasting. Answer to 1. : All of mine do or have done this. (2008, 2011, 2012) it is the nature electronic throttle control programming. Not the transmission. Answer to 2: If you are coasting in any downhill angle (even slight) and touch the brake pedal the brake ECU sends a signal to the transmission ECU that you are attempting to slow down and the transmission will downshift which will increase engine rpm and act as an engine brake. (all 3 of mine do this) This is all normal. If you are coasting downhill (not touching brake pedal) and your engine reaches too high of an rpm the trans will downshift as well.
  5. I have owned 2 ES350's and a 2012 avalon all with the same driveline. The transmissions do seem to "hunt" between gears at stop & go "city" trafic speeds. Mine have all done it. They also shift slow when cold until they get to operating temperature. Nature of the beast. I think it is the shift logic built into the vehicle that uses speed sensors and other driveline/chassis/braking input data to mange shift interval. You might try asking the dealer if they can clear the memory on the transmission ECU so it can "re-learn" your driving style.
  6. Our first ES350 was a 2008. Now we have a 2011. Love em both. But we keep them until 200,000 miles because we roll about 35,000 a year in highway miles whith kids in college. So I'll probably get a CPO 2015 in 2-3 years. Michelin has a new tire out now that is suposed to ride better than the primacy.
  7. Why not look at a 2012 CPO ES350 that is still on the previous Camry/ES platform. I got the wife a 2011 to replace her 2008. Very happy with it and it was under $25k. I was able to find her one that was identical to her previous one and in mint condition.
  8. Look here to find any of your part numbers and then you can buy factory parts on line at reasonable discounts from discount dealers. I have all of my Toyota/Lexus vehicles in my account. I just did a brake reline on my wifes ES350 with factory pads for $78 for all 4 wheels. That site will show you what parts are in your specific vehicle based on the VIN number, http://www.toyodiy.com/
  9. I use Google Maps on my Samsung Galaxy III smartphone that Verizon sold me for $.99 three years ago. It hasn't failed me in uncharted territory in NYC or Chicago yet.
  10. I would check the power steering fluid reservoir and refill before you take it anywhere. You don't want to run it dry. Any Toyota dealer should be able to repair it. It takes Dexron ATF in the reservoir.
  11. 2008 ES 350 we logged 200,000 miles on 87 octane...no pinging. 2011 ES 350 we have 26,000 miles on it with 87 octane no pinging. Unless you get pre-ignition or pinging I would estimate that 87 is fine. BTw, we also did 170,000 on the 2004 RX330 on 87 octane and 55,000 miles on a 2012 Avalon 2GR-Fe with 87 and no pinging.
  12. I never change the filter. Even the dealers I know never drop the pan because of that bolt that is blocked. But I flush every 50,000 miles and after the initial flush the fluid never gets as black as the first flush. Remember this trans is really meant to never be flushed or drianed. So that filter is meant to last the life of the trans.
  13. If it only happens under acceleration load that it is probably not a uspension issue but a drivetrain issue. Bad cvj axles might be the culprit but both going bad is doubtful. Let us know how it turns out.
  14. I would ask the dealer to reflash the ecm or do a complete reset of the engine and trans ecm. Then it will go beck to "re-learn" mode.
  15. I would get a tape measure and measure your regular tires diameter against the winter tires and see if there is any difference. That's pretty close.
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