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  1. Maybe try using some baking soda mixed with some water to form a paste and using a rag from an old t-shirt to lightly rub around the spots? Could it also possibly be that the spots are actually on the inside surface of the mirror?
  2. In order for "Play Song" or "Play Artist" to work, you need to connect your iPhone (not sure about Androld) to the USB port in the compartment next to the gear stick. Connecting it to the cigarette lighter won't work. Once you connect your iPhone to the USB port it will start uploading the info to the nav system. It will take a while (over 20 minutes I think for 1500 songs, approximately). Then and only then will the menu allow you to say "Play Song". Also, if it is updating its database (say, if you added 10 songs later), it will say it is busy and to try again later. If the song's name is like "Piano Concerto No. 2" and you say "Number 2", you'd be out of luck. Also, it cannot understand languages other than English. I have a Russian artist named "Игорь Крутой" pronounced "Igor Krutoy" and it has no idea what I am saying. Piece of *BLEEP*. Honestly, the voice recognition system in the Lexus sucks. I have a friend's name in my Contacts list name "Ed Cohen." It couldn't understand "Ed" unless I say "Ee Dee Co Hen".
  3. I turned on Expanded Voice Commands. Then I turned on the AC and pressed the Voice button on the steering wheel and said, "Warmer." Couldn't recognize it. "Cooler." No deal. Do YOU have success making it work? I don't understand why they took away the ability to be able to simply say, "67 degrees" like in the 2010 ES. Even if it "Cooler" works, how many times must I say it before it hits the desired temperature setting?
  4. Wow, NO REPLIES to my question??? Is it true, then, there is NO WAY to control the climate with voice commands anymore???
  5. In my previous 2010 ES350, assuming my A/C was on, all I had to do was hit the voice command button on the steering wheel and say, "75 degrees" and the climate control system would echo my request by saying "75 degrees" and automatically adjusted the temperature setting on the console to the target temperature of 75 degrees. What is the equivalent command(s) in the 2013 ES350? I called my dealership's service center, but even they did not know the answer! I then called the Lexus Customer Experience (1-800-255-3987) and the rep I was talking to didn't know either and had to put me on hold for over 10 minutes to look it up. At the end, her answer was the 2013 ES350 doesn't have a way to control the temperature with a voice command anymore! Really???? I looked up the manual, but couldn't find anything useful. Anybody knows?
  6. I have seen this on TV infomercials. Since it has gel inside, I assume they would conform to the shape of the ES's bucket seat. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00ANOMKTM/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1375586880&sr=8-1π=SL75
  7. I have been driving my 2013 ES 350 for about 9+ months now. Odometer reads less than 7000K. Recently I noticed that when the car is moving at 55-60 mph and especially if the road is somewhat in a downward incline, when I apply the brakes gently to slow down, I can feel the wheels (?) / undercarriage (?) / whatever sort of chatter and vibrate. When I take my foot off the brake pedal, the chattering stops. At low speeds, the behavior is less or not apparent. Anyone else noticed that too? What do you think that is due to?
  8. You mean even after raising the height of the power seat to its max height using the switch on the side of the seat?
  9. I agree about the joystick in the 2013 ES 350 being awkward. The reason they have to use the joystick is that the screen is set further back to make way for the other controls. There is no way you can reach forward while driving to touch the screen. Apparently the BMW also uses some sort of joystick to access the screen. Perhaps this was Lexus's way of trying to compete with the BMW. But I agree that using the joystick is a step backwards when the touchpad metaphor is the way forward. It is not as easy to access as the touchscreen in my previous 2010 ES 350. But still, I do like the ES 350 in general. The ride is great. The 2013 interior is much improved from my 2010. I like the way the dashboard looks compared to the 2010's ugly horseshoe shaped dashboard.
  10. I just can't understand why Lexus would use this cheap fabric sheet to cover the steering wheel neck when they have invested so much in making the new ES350 (and the RX350 for that matter) look so nice. A black rubber "accordion" type contraption would have worked better. Let's hope more people complain about this.
  11. Oh, and it did come with Michelin tires instead of Bridgestone, which I am happy about.
  12. Picked up my new 2013 ES350 today (with luxury package E) I am happy with the Satin Cashmere exterior and parchment interior. There are enough dark lines inside and outside the car to frame it to make the color pop. Overall I am very happy with the car. The only complaint I have--which is something I noticed only today--is this soft, black leather (?) flap that covers the "neck" of the steering wheel between the back of the steering wheel and the dashboard. It looks ugly and cheap to me. It is not taut. It is sort of loose and soft, and has a couple of creases here and there, reminiscent of the loose skin under a komodo lizard's neck. Why did they choose to do that? Can't they cover it with a stiff, black plastic material instead? My 2010 ES350 didn't have that. Still haven't played with all the features. The nav's mouse-like Remote Touch Controller really does take some getting used to. I am not sure if it adds to or takes away from driving safely. I predict that people will find it distracting and I won't be surprised if it is later found to be the cause of some accidents.
  13. The reason I am vacillating on the parchment is mainly the tan carpet on the floor and bottom sides of the cabin. It is exactly the same ugly material I have in my 2010. See picture below. The rest of the interior is nice, but the cheap looking carpet which extends all the way up the sides of the middle gear box bothers me. Choosing the black or gray interior will hide it. (The gray interior is the 2-tone combo which I am now gravitating to.)
  14. The reason I am vacillating on the parchment is mainly the tan carpet on the floor and bottom sides of the cabin. It is exactly the same ugly material I have in my 2010. See picture below. The rest of the interior is nice, but the cheap looking carpet which extends all the way up the sides of the middle gear box bothers me. Having it in black will hide it.
  15. I only signed the "Buyers Order" form. 10K miles is a bit tight. My current 2010 3-year lease ends early January 2013 and right now I am at over 28K on the odometer and there are still 3 more months to go before the end of the 3-year period. If I drive the new 2013 the same way I do my current 2010, I will have only 1500 miles left before exceeding the mileage limit. So yeah, it will be tight.