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  1. So they did align it the last time I was in when they replaced the one tire. It was just slightly out. So that didn't fix it either. I looked at the weights on the tires (which are the Bridgestone Turanza by the way) and there is more than 28g of weight on each of the front tires and close to that same amount on one of the back tires. The other back tire which I think is the one they changed out most recently, has no weight on it. So, I guess you can have a perfectly balanced tire, but I find that odd. Anyway I called and asked, they said it was balanced and there was nothing else they c
  2. I just bought a 2011 Lexus ES 350. The second day I had it I started noticing a vibration in the seats and slightly in the steering wheel that got much worse at speeds between 70-80mph. I took it back in and the dealership balanced the tires and gave it back. Unfortunately, the vibration was still there. So, I took it back again a few days later. They then road forced the tires and found 3 out of spec. They replaced the three tires and said it was fixed so I picked up. Once again, the car was still vibrating. So, we made an appointment and took it back. They replaced the fourth tire a
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