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  1. I suspect the $80 was for synthetic..not even Lexus charges 80 for the non-synthetic.
  2. I think Steve has it right here. Can verify that no difference detectable in my 2011 es, and not from personal experience, but from the literature, performance oriented engine, as in BMW, the difference should be noticeable. Gave my es a couple of tries with the high octane stuff, and I do not get gas until it is bone dry, so it was all high octane, and, yeah, no full out 0-60, lol, but drove it "hard", and could tell no difference at all.
  3. just crossed the 20k mark in my 2011 es enjoyed every mile *BLEEP*ed and moaned here a bit about this and that, but like any forum, complaints are more likely to be voiced than praises so I will take this time to sing it's praises drove um all before making my decision, and have zero regrets..think we all agree that you get a ton for your money....competitors with performance characteristics that I prefer, were all way smaller. less comfortable, and had less features I think without exception, to get the equivalent of an es in one of its competitors, you have to move up one model the cars that are competitors in price, are NOT competitor in size, features, etc...for example, imo, have to go to 5 series to get equiv bmw, 6 series to get equiv audi, same deal for acura, mercedes, infiniti and the others not even thinking about my next car now..tend to keep my cars for a while, my last 2 maximas had over 100k miles when I unloaded them, and bought extended warranty with this the refundable feature if warranty is not used..can't go wrong looking forward to my next 20k, nice ride all around take care my friends o, btw, I see I stand alone again on giving a rat's about AWD, o well..if all winters are like this one in NY, not an issue, almost hit 70 degrees today, amazing
  4. last 4 cars were maximas..dont like um anymore, not comfortable and they made the front end ugly...also drove Acura TL.also not comfortable and was not impressed with the look...both had better performance the the es, but regarding features, value, look, and comfort, the es crushed them both bet the majority here would prefer if their es was AWD.. what do you guys think out there, care, dont care, somewhere in the middle? take care all..always good banter here..including lot's of good info, and opinions
  5. problem with the IS (I drove it before making my decision) is that it was too small for my taste..performance, and look, yeah, I lked it like the look of my es, or would not have bought it, and we will continue to agree to disagree on the chrome and wood, lol one thing I will disagree on is that the es buyer does not care about AWD...have some anecdotal evidence that I am correct, in that I know of 2 people who passed on the car due to the AWD only, amd it made my decision a much tougher don't care??
  6. ill take the other side to some extent agree with the negative that it looks more like some other cars, less unique..steve's sonata analogy was on target imo but believe they went for a more sportier look..less chrome, wood, etc...i like that part bottom line to the demise of the es will not be the look at all imo, will be NOT having all-wheel drive..I will never buy another car without that..sooooo many out there that have it, it seems silly not to get something else...especially at the es price point, no all-wheel drive is a killer for them I think
  7. you lost me a bit there bro, are you starting your car then twice also??? No.....but I didn't explain it very well. If you follow the steps up till we unlock the door, we have already started the car remotely, Now, when we get in the car , if we were to put our foot on the brake pedal, for example, the car would die....because the security system thinks your trying to begin to maybe put it in gear and take off with out authorization. This is were I push the "Start" button twice, while the engine is still running, to tell the security system that I'm a good guy and it's OK to let take off with the car. If that dosen't make sinse, let me know and I'll do some re-wording. I should have said this earlier along with my comment about Lexus security being complex. Almost all of these high end cars have extremley complex data systems compared to ten years ago. There is no aftermarket remote start to my knowledge that is perfect and even the OEM starter is imperfect because of the poor range limit. (my starter has a 2000ft, range) But with your situation and the other member, it sounds like the installers just gave up. got it, thanks for the clarification prob is that I can not even get into the car without it turning off, and yeah, at least my dealer thinks the issue cannot be resolved
  8. you lost me a bit there bro, are you starting your car then twice also???
  9. I can't go back to the dealer, I spoke with the service manager who spoke with the tech, and he called me to telll me there was no way to override the car shutting off regardless of how the doors are unlocked. Interestingly, if I unlock the doors by touching the rear door, where they all unlock, the cars stays ON, but as soon as I touch the driver door, it shuts OFF. He said the system can be overridden in the IS, but not the ES, wtf. My es is a 2011, but like you siad, unlikely that there i s a difference..Gussed I am f'd, unless you or anyone else here has some thoughts. Thanks!!
  10. o, I still use it all the time..figure having a warm car to get into is more important than having to restart the car when I get in..but hear ya, way frustrating
  11. hi all, been a while since I have been here..hope all is way with everyone.... got a remote start duruing my last regular service had to get one with a different remote than the car remote cause needed extra range, this one is supposed to work to 1000'..forgot the brand right now remote works fine, and it even does work with the original car remote by pressing the lock button 3 times..I actually found that out by accident, lol, dont know if they even know that it works with the car remote cause they said I have to use the new one anyway, here is my problem there is NO WAY to enter the car without the engine turning off..have to get in and restart the car, ridiculous I call them up, and they say that there is no way to override that "feature", lol anyway, figure the crowd here knows more, so is that true???, or can it somehow be reprogrammed to keep the car from turning off when openning the driver door thanks guys rob
  12. always worth breaking chops to try and get your way, they will usually throw you a bone,perhaps something going forward but, technically, you are toast..that is why people pay bigtime for extended warranties
  13. no mandate at my dealer, and never heard of it..but for an additional $5, def go for it...way cheap for synthetic oil change
  14. sucks that you have been so frustrated with these problems that all seem very resolvable first thing I can say definitively is that your dealer is an idiot recommended PSI for mine is steve said, the TPMS needs to be reset..the dealer is clueless when he tells you that 35PSI is required to keep the indicator from coming on other problems also seem that they should be easily diagnosed and fixed having said all that..sometimes you get to a point with a car where "it is dead to you", lol, in other words, not even interested in resolving the issues anymore, would still not be happy with it..relationship with car may not be repairable, ha it is a great car, and I would give fixing the issues another shot, but if you have had it, that is understandable, and should unload that headache, and go with to something else let us know how you decide to proceed..either way good luck
  15. I do too. I had a 2007 ES350 and when it came time to trade it in I was interested in finding something different. I looked at a lot of cars and CUV's but in the end bought a 2010 ES350. It's hard to beat for the price. yeah, totally agree..looked at um all before buying just over one year ago now, and nobody came to close to "bang for your buck" if wanted to match car dimensions, features, quality, etc... just amazing value
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