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Hi everyone,

My 1999 Gs (179k) makes this creaking noise when I am turning at low speeds or if I am braking at really low speed like while backing up. It’s also kind of unpredictable. Sometimes it won’t happen, and it’ll go away and then the next time I make the same turn it will happen.  I doesn’t really affect performance at higher speed although above 60 MPH i experience quite a bit of play. 

my Mechanic said I need a full control arm swap and quoted me $1900 for OEM parts. He also said it’s not gonna fall apart anytime soon, but to replace it depending on how much I love the car. (I love her a lot, hence this post) However, I have been reading online a lot about how it could just be one ball joint, so I’m thinking about getting a second opinion. I am also wondering if anyone has any input on whether or not swapping the control arms, all 6 of them, would help reduce the amount of steering play I have. 


Any thoughts on doing aftermarket control arms? Has anyone had a similar experience?

I appreciate any responses:)



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I replaced everything suspension component and my car still creaked. I found my problem. Inspecting my car & noticed my calipers move easily by hand. The 2 17mm caliper bracket bolts were backing out from the brake pressure from the caliper. Slider pins that allow the caliper to move freely had seized. Took the bolts out & put lock washers on it, greased my slider pins & the noise went away. 

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My car is making that sound in the right rear side. I replaced the R/R  upper control arm. Its still making that vibrating sound when I'm in a right angle curve.  It sounds like something loose in the trunk. I thought a tool had fallen into the wheel well or something. I'm taking it back to the shop. At least it is staying aligned now. Any other suggestions?

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