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  1. Try replacing your crank & cam sensor. Hope & pray your timing belt didn't break
  2. I replaced everything suspension component and my car still creaked. I found my problem. Inspecting my car & noticed my calipers move easily by hand. The 2 17mm caliper bracket bolts were backing out from the brake pressure from the caliper. Slider pins that allow the caliper to move freely had seized. Took the bolts out & put lock washers on it, greased my slider pins & the noise went away.
  3. I have 4 brand new, never been mounted tires for sale. The size is 245/40/18. Have 0 miles on them. 2 tires are too of the line serenity & 2 are potenza re970a/s. $550 firm.
  4. You going have to pull the bumper off in order to get to the ballast. The ballast is attached underneath the headlight housing. 4 8mm screws holding it in place.
  5. Two things to check or just simply replace: cam positioning sensor & your crank sensor. Cam sensor located on the top by the cam pulley & the crank sensor should be by the crank pulley.
  6. What I've done was purchased that key like some of the German vehicles have. Got it off ebay. When you push the button the key flips out of the key shell. Had it cut & put my transponder chip inside. Think I paid $20 for the key & a guy cut the key for $20. That was over a yr ago & with no problems.
  7. It's a 6" sub. Mine blew twice & I'm not replacing with another. I got a 10" in an enclosed box & an amp that I'm going to hook up. Need more bottom end bass
  8. Correction, the hid kit is called morimoto elite. Those are H1 size bulbs, 4300k temperature bulbs I'm using. I'm leaning towards 5000k bulbs for more white with a hint of blue in it. Kit cost $150 & the tsx-r lens $50.
  9. I have bump it by accident myself. What I do after is push the button again & put the truck in reverse & back up a few feet then the light will go out & the truck will go back to normal drive mode.
  10. From 98 to 05 the body style stayed the same. Just a few added options every yr. look online or local salvage yards. GS300/400 are the same far as the body shape. It's just the engines are different. GS300 are inline 6 cylinders & GS400 are V8's.
  11. Well guys this what I did & the problem for me went away. 1st I've replaced both upper & both lower control arms, along with lower ball joints & sway bar links & bushings. But the noise was still there. My noise went away when I replaced the rack & pinion. Come to find out that's the 1st indication that it's going bad (squeaking). Then if you keep that bad rack on any longer it'll start creaking & clunking, & vibration & excessive front end play.
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