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Driver door stain under the mirror


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Hi everyone,

So recently I have discovered a stain forming on my driver door, coming from the mirror and running down. I thought this was weird as I take regular care of the car as did the previous owner. I figured I would be able to buff it out as it was probably only the exterior coat problem and was going to take care of it myself. Since I noticed it, I have seen two or three same gen cars with the same stain and began to think this may be a problem more people are dealing with. I wonder if this would be worth bringing up to Lexus. Has anyone else seen the same thing happen to their car? 


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It's a "feature" that's been mentioned before but I don't remember if it was only on the ES or if anyone ever determined and posted the cause.  My guess is residue from corrosion of the fasteners holding the mirror to the door.  

It's relatively easy to remove a mirror from a door to take a look but that might not be worthwhile if the stain can be removed with car wax.

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These similar stains show up on all cars below the door handles as well, and from all outside attachments on all makes of RV's.

Get to your local dollar store and buy some "L A's Totally  Awesome" cleaner, the yellow container. It is dirt cheap to buy, and it simply can't be beat for removing these kinds of stains in a heart beat. Google  search the name and check out the many YouTube videos for it.


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