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  1. I never got any satisfaction from Lexus. I actually started taking pictures of every 330 I could find and 95% of them had this problem with the passenger side view mirror. Quite disappointing. I eventually got a stick on replacement at Amazon for less than $10. It was not heated but it did the trick.
  2. As I stated in another post - in my area (New England) 8 of 10 rx330 vehicles have a discolored passenger side mirror. This is a systemic problem and Lexus I suspect will eventually recognize it. There absolutly is fluid between the layers of glass as I tried to drain it out. Not very successfully btw. Nasty stuff almost like oil. The solution was a stick on mirror from Amazon which cost about $8. How about your passenger side dashboard... do you have a crack in it? They have finally stated these will be fixed by Lexus.
  3. Lexus should be standing up for this known defect. The seal between the two layers of glass is somehow failing. In my area (Northeast) the RX 330 is very popular and 8 out of 10 have a discolored passenger side mirror. Lexus "claims" that there are no know issues about this problem. Poppycock! The quick fix is a sick on mirrow which you can buy on Amazon. Of course it will not be heated or dimming but for $8 how can you go wrong? I was insulted when the dealer quoted me a price to fix my with OEM parts. Thankfully they have finally recalled the cracked dashboard at almost every 330 has sustained.
  4. I have an '04 RX330 that seems to have something in common with 75% of the RX 330s on the road today. The passenger side mirror is discolored with an amber fluid. Yes I know what it is. Somewhere the seal was broken and the fluid which is used to defrost the mirror is either leaking or has been compromised. The local dealer would like to charge me $585 for a new piece of glass. Thank you... no thank you. My question is, why has Lexus not recognized this as a systemic problem with this vehicle. Seriously 3 out of 4 RX330s you drive by have this problem with the passenger side mirror. How many vehicle need to have this problem before a recall is issued or considered? I called Lexus and was advised that they have no advisory or memos of this as a problem. I hope that call "was recorded for quality assurance purposes." How many folks have this problem? Speak up... Have you had any success with getting Lexus or the dealer to fix this problem at a cost less than highway robbery?