Dennis Carroll

Discoloration in side view mirror

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If you are having a problem with discoloration from the dimming fluid I may have found a quick fix. See my video at



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    • By Drew707
      It seems as though the actuator that moves the passenger's side mirror has become disconnected.  Has anyone tried getting into one of these things?  It isn't a critical function, but it is quite annoying to have to manually push it out after a carwash or something.  It is a '99 if that matters.
    • By MJ
      What is it about the door mirrors that is causing what looks like a stain on the front doors of my IS?
      it doesn't go away after a wash and wax.
      Anyone know how to correct this issue?
      I'm assuming I can buff out the stain?

    • By lingjinli
      Before I begin, I would like to say that I have tried to search for a thread that discusses this issue; however, I have been able to find anything related. Therefore, if somebody has already addressed this issue, please let me know with a link below.
      This triangular piece of trim adjacent to the side-view mirror on my 2004 Lexus RX330 (base model if you are wondering) has several "wrinkles" and other abnormal markings on the trim piece. This problem only appears on the passenger side. Also, there are a few of these wrinkles on the window pillars.
      Has anybody else experienced this issue?
      Does anybody know what caused these "wrinkles" and a solution for this?
      Thank you for your time.

    • By Returnguru
      I have an '04 RX330 that seems to have something in common with 75% of the RX 330s on the road today. The passenger side mirror is discolored with an amber fluid.
      Yes I know what it is. Somewhere the seal was broken and the fluid which is used to defrost the mirror is either leaking or has been compromised. The local dealer would like to charge me $585 for a new piece of glass. Thank you... no thank you.
      My question is, why has Lexus not recognized this as a systemic problem with this vehicle. Seriously 3 out of 4 RX330s you drive by have this problem with the passenger side mirror. How many vehicle need to have this problem before a recall is issued or considered?
      I called Lexus and was advised that they have no advisory or memos of this as a problem. I hope that call "was recorded for quality assurance purposes."
      How many folks have this problem? Speak up...
      Have you had any success with getting Lexus or the dealer to fix this problem at a cost less than highway robbery?
    • By steveisback21
      I walked outside on this wonderful brisk February morning in Wisconsin at a temp of 3 degrees to find nothing but my rear view mirror hanging from the wires. I looked a little bit closer and realized that there is a nickle sized piece of glass missing from the windshield where the mirror had been mounted. What do I do?