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Hi!  On average, how much does the 2016 RX 450h 30,000 mile maintenance cost?  What services/ replacement parts are included?  My Lexus dealership said I should expect high cost.  Not sure what "high cost" to be expecting...  I'd be most appreciative to anyone that can tell me what you paid for your 30k mile check-up.


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What the 30,000 maintenance "should" cost and what a Lexus dealership wants to charge you are two completely different concepts.   Your RX450h is mechanically identical and requires the same 30,000 mile maintenance as a Toyota Highlander hybrid.  Don't let a Lexus dealership service writer tell you otherwise.  Their job is to sell services including unneeded ones.  

I would expect the 30K maintenance for a 2016 Toyota Highlander hybrid to cost between $200 and $300 depending on where you live and the billing rates.  The Toyota Sienna I drive now is mechanically identical to the Lexus RX350 and its 30,000 mile service cost $189 at a Toyota dealership a couple of years ago.

I suggest that you call the Lexus dealership before you make an appointment and ask what a 30,000 mile maintenance on a 2016 RX450h costs.  If they aren't willing to tell you then don't do business with the dealership.  Some Toyota dealerships will do the maintenance at a lower cost as long as it is not owned by the same company as the Lexus dealership.

Or find an independent repair shop that specializes in Lexus.  The ones I used during most of my 24 years driving Lexus LS sedan were owned and staffed by former Lexus dealership employees, charged substantially less and weren't always trying to sell me unneeded services.

There's not all that much to do on the 30K RX450h service.  You can view the requirements in your maintenance booklet or online at




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