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Bluetooth audio not working but BT calling functions

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Hi, I’ve seen others post about this issue on the form but haven’t found a solution. 

My iPhone easily paired with the car and I can use it for hands free calling, but the audio won’t stream via BT. I can connect vis USB (although that is temperamental and will suddenly say it can’t read the device after it’s  already been using it) but sometimes I just want to quickly connect to music. This is not new but I’m finally trying to get it to work.

Any suggestions?

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I can offer only standard recommendations.

Try rebooting your iPhone if you haven't already.

Try turning Bluetooth on your iPhone off and then back on.

Verify that your iPhone has the latest iOS update.  (IIRC, there was an iOS update a while back that negatively impacted Bluetooth.)

Delete your iPhone from the RX in-dash system.   I don't specifically know how the RX in-dash system works but some Toyota/Lexus vehicles of that vintage require separately deleting the phone for hands-free and audio streaming.   Re-pair your iPhone with the RX in-dash system.

If all else fails, connect your iPhone to the RX aux-in port with a cord - it's a hassle but at least you will be able to listen to audio from your phone.  I did that for years on an older car that didn't have Bluetooth.

By the way, can other phones stream audio to your RX over Bluetooth without problems?  Particularly, something other than an iPhone?    

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