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Lexus RX450h main battery


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I should have recharged my original 2011 battery made in Japan (start up battery, not hybrid batteries).

Now I have replaced it 3 times with after market batteries that last 6 months or less.

How do I find made in Japan main battery for 2011 RX450h?

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My Interstate batteries at Costco last between 4 and 5 years. Short trips that do not allow the alternator to fully charge the battery are often the reason for reduced life. If doing so is not practical, then you may want to buy a Battery Tender to keep the battery fully charged. When take our RX out, the minimum distance traveled is a total of 20 miles, round-trip unless the short trip occurs within the same week of the longer trip.

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Thanks Dave...

  • Does the Costco Interstate Battery have a ventilation port in the OEM position?
  • Is the vent port only to vent hydrogen produced if battery is recharged onboard?
  • What is the size group # etc for a replacement battery. (This is not listed in the manual) 
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