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I recently got a certified 2014 450h with 55K miles.  It has bumper to bumper warranty upto Aug 2020.  Being a first time Lexus and a hybrid owner, i opted for the extended warranty upto 2022 for an additional $3K.  Can some 450h owners give their views on the extended warranty.  I do not drive much, average of about 8000 miles in a year.  Will it be worth the additional 2 years as the car will be about 7 years old after 2021.    Please provide your inputs. 

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    • By mckeelh
      Hi!  On average, how much does the 2016 RX 450h 30,000 mile maintenance cost?  What services/ replacement parts are included?  My Lexus dealership said I should expect high cost.  Not sure what "high cost" to be expecting...  I'd be most appreciative to anyone that can tell me what you paid for your 30k mile check-up.
    • By janeric2
      My 450h has started a beeping noise at about 2 second intervals from the area of the navigation screen. There are no warning or other caution lights associated with the noise. It is consistent whether the power is on or off. The dealer had no idea what it could be, they claim to have never had  the issue before now. 
    • By TommyGS350F-Sport
      I recently bought a 15 RX 450h with Blind Spot, Park Assist, and the sports apperence pkg. Nothing else I think we had to pay for. No Levinson, not HUD, and no Lexus Enform back seat "iPads." I paid $57,000 was this a good deal or was the dealer a little bit greedy with his commission?
    • By Germanium
      Hi guys,
      I am new to the community. Just got a scratch on the back door right behind the wheel. I don't know how and when it happened or it was me driving careless or somebody in a parking lot. Anyway the damage was done.
      I did a little bit googling, but not sure what I need to do if I want to touch up myself. Do I also need primer and clear coat paint? The Lexus obsidian base color paint I found it.
      I have a flickr photo, but the forum won't let me use it for some reason....
      <iframe src="" width="75" height="75" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>
      Thank you guys...
    • By DavidN
      Bought new a 2012 450h last year, have driven normally in the 12 month time period with mileage in the low 20s v. the estimated 30 on the sticker for city driving. Most of us know there will be disparity between what is on the sticker and "real world" mileage but, 8 miles difference is a bit larger than one can reasonably expect. The government is supposed to be monitoring and checking these estimates now so I was confident of a more accurate reading.
      It has been mostly city driving with two longer trips.
      I contacted Lexus to express my disatisfaction and they responded with what I will term "customer service BS" much to my surprise. I told them in my response to add our name to a list of those owners serverly displeased as this moves along as I am confident there are many others similairly unhappy.
      This is our 12th Lexus and I have always been pleased with the vehicles and the service and I have to consider this experience an anomoly. If are also displeased with this vehicle and it's mileage let's join up here and put some pressure on Lexus to resolve the matter.