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Found 24 results

  1. I have a 2004 SC430 and would really like to have Sirius radio, without adding extra stuff to my dashboard. I notice that the 2010 SC430 had a SAT/NAV radio. It looks like if you removed the Nav/radio/CD/tape player on the 2004 you might be able to replace with the 2010 "stuff". Has anyone done this before? Is it plug and play? Any suggestions ? I would like to keep the clean look, and really do not need a tape player....
  2. TommieBoy42

    iPhone X

    Will the iPhone X with Bluetooth 5.0 work with a 2008 Lexus gs460
  3. I have a Lexus ES 300h and an iPhone 6. Bluetooth was working appropriately. Intermittently outgoing calls would transmit but would not be heard via the Lexus speaker system but could be heard on the iPhone speaker or handset. Incoming calls worked fine. My dealer deleted the bluetooth settings on both iPhone and Car but the problem would still reappear intermittently. The same problem existed when another iPhone/Android would be connected to the system, so Tech Support concluded the problem was not the phone. They replaced the radio since the chip for bluetooth was a non-replaceable component of the radio motherboard. The bluetooth functioned correctly for 1 1/2 days and the intermittent problem reappeared. The car is going back into service. Has anyone had a similar problem and what was the fix?
  4. AZCactus


    I have purchased a 2006 GX470 six months ago and am trying to link my phone with Bluetooth, however I do not see it on the "settings" menu. When you start it I do get a message "Bluetooth Connection Failed:. Can anyone please suggest a solution please. Thanks.
  5. I know this is a long shot, but is there any out of the box solution to allow music to be played with minimal changes to the existing radio so music could be played from a USB thumb drive...I don't see a USB port and there's apparently no way to play music via BT. I have taken the car to the stereo shop and I have a cable that plays a very old version of iPod via AUX port...Was hoping to do something more simple with a USB if possible. Thanks.
  6. hitcher

    Bluetooth, 2008 ES 350

    Does anybody know what phones are Bluetooth compatible with the 2008 Lexus ES 350 non-navigational radio. My old Motorola razor 3 will pair no problem I hear that the Bluetooth version of the car is very early version I think 1.0 version. Has anybody heard that the dealer can flash the computer to upgrade to newer Bluetooth versions?. I think most new phones are only going Backward compatible to 1.5 version Bluetooth .. I think the iPhone six will work but "I'm really looking for a flip phone that is compatible". Thank you in advance to anybody who has any information for me
  7. My CPO 2011 RX350, suddenly the bluetooth does not recognize my voice commands. If I say "Call Pat" it answers "Go back", when I select "Dial by number" and say the number after the voice prompt, it types it in, then drops the call without dialing. Any advice on how I can get my bluetooth to recognize my voice again? I have not had dental work since setting it up.
  8. I'm doing some research on a good Bluetooth adapter so I can make calls/listen to music wirelessly in the car. Here's the top two that I've seen so far. Does anybody have any experience with either of these two products? Which one would you recommend? Kinivo BTC450 (4.5 star rating on Amazon): TaoTronics (4.3 star rating on Amazon)
  9. Hi all - I've just purchased a 2015 ES350, and one thing we've noticed is that the microphone for my bluetooth does not work well. I use the bluetooth / phone in my car quite a bit, and don't have any issues with the sound quality when my phone is connected in my husband's car (a honda) or my old car (an acura). But in my ES, the sound quality is so poor that people I call can't hear me clearly enough to understand what I am saying (volume isn't an issue, it is sound quality). I hear the people I'm calling just fine, so it isn't a connection problem - it seems to just be my microphone out. I checked with my dealership, but they didn't have a solution (they noted that they get complaints on this though). Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix? Thanks in advance. Melissa
  10. I own a 2013 GS350 with Navigation. I have a blackberry and am able to receive email and text. I am not however able to use the 15 standard replys that the come with the vehicle. I have been told by the dealer that it has to do with my phone's compatibility with the car. I use AT&T as my service provider and plan to buy a different phone to take advantage of the "reply feature". Does anyone know what phones are 100% compatible so that I can make use of all the benefits of the emailing and texting features (replys)? I have been told that the iphone(s) are not capable of using the "reply" feature either. Thanks for the help.
  11. How do i play music after pairing my phone through bluetooth. i have a 2011 lexus es 350 without navigation.
  12. Good Afternoon! Brand new here just picked up my brand new 2014 CT200H last week. Only one issue thus far. I have a Moto X (XT 1060) Mobile Device. On the Lexus site after inputting all the correct information, it states that I should have full compatibility with my Text Messaging through Bluetooth. My phone pairs correctly and the contacts and calls work very well. My SMS do not load onto the screen. No matter what settings I check, it says messages could not be loaded. Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!!
  13. Hi! I'm new here. I hope you guys can help I just went to best buy and had the onyx plus sirius xm installed. I thought all was well, but when I make a call with my bluetooth, it displays on the navigation screen that a call is in progress, however, it doesn't interrupt the radio like it used to. The radio stays on (regular fm) and the bluetooth call is no where to be heard. I have a 2008 lexus rx 350. The installer said he didn't have to touch the radio so he doesn't know what's wrong. He said all he had to do was unplug the fm antennae and use an adapter to hook up the xm with the transmitter thing. When I hit the AUDIO button on my car, it says AUDIO OFF. How do I turn AUDIO ON? HELP! Thank you in advance!
  14. Dear All, I don't know quite how to say this, but I have been tinkering around with Lexus of Serramonte with regards to the USB connectivity and my iPod. What has been working in all major car brands for years still seems to be a major issue for Lexus. Up until the model year 2013 the dealer had to drill a hole into the glove compartment and pull a wire to hook up my iPod with third party software. It never really worked as it should have and I understand that many drivers faced the same issues. With my GS 350 I was sold on a vehicle that had allegedly overcome these problems. Well, is has not. Allegedly, the iPod can only have a certain amount of songs on it to work fine. I tried to hook up a smaller iPod and still have the same issues. The radio shuts down and everything has to be reset each and every 60 minutes. Besides this, Bluetooth also does not work and shuts down. I photographed the error messages and sent them to the dealer. The dealer tells me that "this is normal" and conveyed in an Email the following: IPod issue: “Audio Off” while using iPod shutting down Audio and Navigation systems. · I was able to duplicate your iPod issues on my 2013 GS350, issue does not appear to be unique to your vehicle. · Each time the vehicle is started the audio system downloads the song list from the iPod to create a sorted and searchable playlist. Unfortunately the audio system cannot handle more than 9,999 songs. I tested your iPod, with 17,600 songs and found that to be the reason why the “Audio Off” message appears and stops the audio system. The data transfer does not complete due to the size of the buffer. There is no solution at this time or currently in development · The larger iPods such as your 160 GB, in conjunction with a large number of songs, are known to cause malfunction with the Lexus audio system and I’m sorry to say there is currently no solution available or in progress. · Audio/Navigation shut down (black screen) appears to be related to data load issue. Voice Commands: not working for audio system · Verified voice command will functions normally with my phone, in particular voice commands to the audio system when tethered after data transfer completes. · Data load must complete for voice commands to function with audio system. · Due to the data load transfer issue voice command for audio controls are not working – due to the fact that the system rarely if ever completes the transfer of data from iPod to audio system. I responded that all of the above works fine in the loaner I'm having (a RX 450) and that even a very small iPod with less than 1,000 songs does not work. I know from this board that there a some people out there who experience similar issues. How did you solve those? I love my music and specifically asked if the iPod would now work on the 2013 models and was assured by the dealer that it would. Now I feel duped and tricked. Shouldn't Lexus point this out to the buyers - instead of making false promised? I called their HQ in Torrance (Customer Satisfaction) and they told me to "go away" :-) Thanks, Erich
  15. nycbreckman

    Dumped Contacts

    So, for the 4th time now, the Navigation system has "dumped"my contacts from the address book. Once, twice, ok maybe human error but not four times. Has anyone had this happen? Do you see a pattern? Is it tied into service? Would love to hear. Thanks.
  16. My 2001 Lexus 430 is equipped with a center console Sprint analog phone. I was wondering is there is an aftermarket product that will allow me to convert the analog phone to a bluetooth interface (maybe a plug in that simply replaces the analog phone). Also I am open to any other suggestions. I would like to make use of the phone book, handsfree voice interface for calling, etc.. I do not want to use a bluetooth pickup device like Jabra that clips to the visor. Any feedback appreciated.
  17. Hi guys, I am new here and was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a RX300 2005 SEL. I have been looking at ways to connect my ipod to my stereo. I have used the FM transmitter and don't like it. I have seen stuff from Grom audio and Vais Technology which can connect my ipod via CD changer but I won't be able to have full ipod control on my stereo. I have been to an audio shop as I am thinking of installing a new head unit which has ipod connection already and with full ipod controls. The guy at the shop said that if I take out the original stereo then my sat nav and bluetooth phone connections won't work. He explained that the sat nav is connected to the original head unit for audio as is the bluetooth for the telephone and can not be connected to a different head unit. He said that he tried it on a Lexus IS and the sat nav stopped working too. Has anyone changed their head unit or know of anyone who has??? Many thanks
  18. I am connecting my Iphone via bluetooh and everytime I get in the car and it reconnects it starts at the begging of the playlist. Anyone have a solution? I have tried turning on shuffle on the phone and that didn't work and I also tried selecting random on the sound system controls, but it still started over at the same songs.
  19. On a 2008 GS350, the cell phone is connected via bluetooth for phone calls. However, is it possible to play music through bluetooth? Have tried connecting Iphone to the plug in glove box but it does not recognize all songs and it is not very user friendly, atleast not for me, so i get around it by using the audio jack input in the armrest. Thanks!
  20. Has anyone else had a problem syncing an Android smartphone (Motorola Droid RAZR HD) to the phonebook on an ES 350 with the Nav System? It's very frustrating not to be able to have this function, especially since you can't manually input contacts into the system.
  21. I have a 2012 RX350 which does not have navigation. I use my Iphone 4S while driving using the bluetooth functionality to connect to the radio. Periodically, while on a call, the word "talking" goes off the display, the stereo come back on, plays for about 5 seconds, then "talking:" reappears on the display and 2-3 seconds later (if the person hasn't hung up) you can resume your call. I took the car in 3 1/2 months ago and Lujack Lexus replaced a wire reel in the steering column at Lexus's direction (oh, by the way, the radio,cd,satellite, etc, changes channels when you are turning corners maybe once every 3 weeks- I have made sure I'm not touching the controls on the wheel when I'm turning). No improvement. Since then, I have called the 1-800-25Lexus line at least 2-3 times to ask what can be done. The last time was 3 weeks ago. As usual, they promise a phone reply within 2 days which they always do. So, I get my call back in 2 days and they tell me that they are trying to determine when the technical person in my region will be at my dealership and they will call me back in a day or possibly 2. That was 2 1/2 weeks call. I've called my dealer several times who says they're waiting on Lexus. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem? Has anyone else experienced this type of response from Lexus? I think I understand why they removed the word "passionate" from their past slogan of "The passionate pursuit of perfection". Any help would be appreciated Update: I received a call from Lexus corporate and my dealer committing to resolve the problem, whatever it is. Hopefully, we're heading to a solution.
  22. Can anyone help me with my cell phone issue? I have two different cell phones I have tried to connect to my GS 300 and both do the same thing, I get to the info screen that has the 4 digit passkey and I "pair" my cell phone with the GS successfully, according to the phone. Then the phone says "connecting" and gets stuck there. I tried getting out of the pairing screen on the GS 300, but that doesn't help either. Is there an order that I have to do things in order for the car to recognize the phone and vice versa. Like once it's paired, do I have to start the engine up or go to some other screen etc. Thanks for any help, I still have a few days left on my 10 day warranty (used purchase) so I really want to get this figured out. I tried doing a search on this web site but my Internet Explorer doesn't seem to be compatible with the search outputs, all I see is the black background and some names to the left. Thanks again.
  23. I have just got a 2006 SC 430 with the Mark Levinson navigation/Bluetooth system. I think my problem will be the same for all models which use this system. My cell phones pair with it perfectly (iPhone 4S and old Sharp GX30) and I can make calls from the phone through the system absolutely fine. But when I try the Transfer Phone Data / Start Transfer from the Settings screen, its fails to download any contacts to the Address Book even though the Data Transfer screen appears with Please send Phone Book from the phone. Please does anyone know either: Is it possible to enter data manually? or What make and model of bluetooth phone will work with the system? thanks to anyone who can help, maxc
  24. I have a brand new 2013 and had it recognize my iPhone. But, I have more than the allowed 1,000 contacts on my phone, so it would not upload them all and, frustratingly, did not upload the ones whom I wanted to select for speed dials. So, I deleted the contacts, but then could not create a speed dial without a contact for it to look for. I find no way to upload only selected contacts. So, as best as I can tell I can connect my phone to the system and make calls where I can talk over the Lexus microphone, but have to manage my calls via contact from the phone itself. Any ideas on how to create speed dials without contacts or how to upload only a few contacts? Thanks.