Acceleration stutter

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Bought a 2007 ES350, in great condition, but it stutters occasionally. That is, when I depress the accelerator, it doesn't respond or it hesitates before responding. Not sure how to address this issue. It's not severe, but don't want a dealer trip if it is something simple. Actually not sure it's acceleration or transmission. Bother!

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First off, once the car is out of warranty, don't take it back to a Lexus dealership unless you have lots of money. The ES350 is a fancier Toyota Camry, and any good mechanic who can work on a Camry (meaning just about every mechanic) can do the work on your ES .... much cheaper. The key is to find a GOOD mechanic who you trust. Check with your friends, co workers, car guys who you know ... they can suggest an honest mechanic who knows his stuff.

That said, some things on your ES will need to go to a Lexus dealership for fixing because they have the expertise for Lexus systems, such as reflashing the software of the transmission, programing a new key fob, troubleshooting the security system, things specific just to that model of Lexus that any other mechanic will not have access to.

I suggest after you find that mechanic, have him check the car out. It may simply be in need of a throttle body cleaning, or a new fuel filter. Or it may have a problem with the accelerator position sensor, or even needs a tune up with new spark plugs. The mechanic can read the codes and get to the issue fairly quickly from what you're describing.

In future, always state the mileage of your car, because that can lead us to the more common issues that arise as a car ages. Good Luck!


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Sorry, forgot to add that my 2007 ES 350 has 62,000 miles.

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I would start by going to a good parts store and get a good cleaner and see what that does.  Modern cars are computers with complex metal parts, and tight tolerances.  Are you up on your maintance ?  do you use a good synthetic oil ? 


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I recognize I'm late to this party, but, have some experience with "hesitation" on both the 3.3 & 3.5 engines.

In my experience you should have a look at the MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor), they get dirty, and cleaning the MAF sensor is a very simple task, you can buy specialized spray at any mass-market auto parts store.  On a 2005 Avalon with the 3.5 engine, that I owned, the MAF went bad.  New MAF on eBay was well under $50, and once installed, the car ran better than it had when I first bought it, *and* poor shifting of the transmission was cured, apparently the failing MAF cut horsepower (?)

Hopefully this helps someone in the future.

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      I recently traded up from a 2007 LS 460 to a 2016 LS 460.  This new car has the radar controlled cruise control on it.  I use it primarily while driving in town because of all the dumb drivers.  It has worked great.  However, yesterday I was behind a car that kept breaking in front of me and the radar cruise did exactly as it had been designed to do.  However, on the last occurance the car in front of me was turning.  Normally it takes way too long for the car to accelerate back to the cruising speed so I help it out a little by pressing the accelerator manually (without cancelling the cruise control).  When I did this yesterday the vehicle accelerated just fine, but when I got to about 6-7mph from the set cruise speed I let up on the accelerator to allow the car to achieve the set cruise speed on its own.  However, once the cruise speed was achieved the car continued to accelerate on its own.  I had the cruise set to 48mph in a 40mph speed zone.  I finally had to cancel the cruise setting manually when the car reached 60mph.  When I resumed the setting the car began slowing down and resumed the 48mph set cruising speed with no further issue.
      Has anyone else experienced this?  The car barely has 18,000 miles on it and is still under factory warranty.  Should I be taking this to a dealership, or is it just a fluke?
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      2007 ES350 with 180K........while accelerating have motor vibration. Also if at speed, any speed,  any increase on the pedal and get vibration. Seems to be getting worse since first noticed a number of months ago. Recent tire rotation and balance, alienment, new struts all around. Mechanic says could be motor mount(s). How to verify which mount, or should all be replaced? Does engine have to be pulled? Any idea the cost? And last, if it is a motor mount, what's worse case if I do nothing?
    • By MikesMom
      My mom is drives a 2013 LS460. She's a young 79 and pretty healthy. The other day she was pulling out of a parallel parking spot and rear-ended the car in front of her. There was a fair amount of damage indicating a pretty decent impact.
      She is not 100% sure what happened as she was pretty shaken (mentally) by the incident. But she said something about either the car not stopping and/or surging forward. My initial thought was she had tried to step on the brake and hit the wrong pedal, but she SWEARS that was not the case.
      I've done some research online and seen that there have been issues with this brand and hesitation on acceleration, etc. I'm curious if this incident may be tied to that or any other known lexus issues.
      Any and all input on this will be appreciated.
    • By topgun129
      Hi All,

      I noticed when driving my 99 ES300 this morning there was some slight
      sluggishness and hesitation when accelerating from idle. It didn't feel
      like a smooth acceleration. The car has 128K on it and I did the trans.
      fluid flush like 20K miles ago. One thing *I think* is occurring also is
      the car is going thru gas faster than usual. Not sure if the 2 issues
      are interrelated. There are no check engine lights on.

      Any suggestions what the problem might be? I was going to do the following:

      1. Disconnect the battery for a few minutes to reset the computer

      2. Check for cracks in the connected area between air filter and MAF.

      3. Clean the throttle body (any recommended cleaning products?)

      Also is it safe to drop a fuel injector cleaner into the gas tank? If so which brand/product do you recommend?

      Anything else that comes to mind would be appreciated.

    • By NetLexus
      I have somewhat of a sticky issue that I am hoping I can get some insight into.
      Back in 2010 I bought a 2008 LS460L with executive package, a CPO with 27K miles on it. It worked just fabulously until I started hearing what sounded like water fall behind the front dash, it mostly happens when I accelerate from a full stop or from a slow down and subsequent right turn (yes kind of weird). The first time I took it to the dealer was in March 2012, the local dealer heard the sound, kept the car for 7days and 100 miles later they said they changed the water pump. I started noticing many issues right after this supposed repair was done, as follows:
      (a) Coming out of a right turn (notice I keep mentioning right turns, it is sort of whacky as it does not do the same on left turns) it feels like that the engine will accelerate but the car does not seem to be move in unison but will lag behind it. Many times I can hear the engine revving but not so much as moving equally fast.
      (B) I feel jerkiness in the car’s movements coming out of a full stop, accelerating on a uphill road, and just in general – not smooth at all.
      © A few times the car actually shuddered while going uphill at about 35 – 45 miles per hour speed, and twice I have smelt something burning under the hood.
      (d) I can still hear the water fall intermittently, it is starting to be more frequent and again it will happen most often after a cold start in the morning, then intermittently. Many times you can actually hear a soft water trickle behind the dash while the car is stopped say at a stop light. The real water fall as in a gush of water can be heard occasionally when accelerating from a stop or slow down. The tough part is that two times I have taken it in to the dealer, the car refuses to do it – murphy’s law and real spooky. Now the dealer is starting to think that I am delusional and they refuse to do anything about it.
      (e) The performance on the car isn’t what it used to be at slow city stop and drive speeds – the issue is not noticeable at high speeds. I know it is behaving a lot differently after the so called water pump repair, in terms that it is choppy and jerky. The dealer says there aren’t any error codes showing up in their diagnostics.
      It seems like the water fall problem was never resolved by the water pump replacement, the performance on the car is come to an unacceptable point for me personally, the dealer thinks otherwise. Any insight on this is appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.