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Slight Sluggishness And Hesitation When Accelerating From Idle

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Hi All,

I noticed when driving my 99 ES300 this morning there was some slight
sluggishness and hesitation when accelerating from idle. It didn't feel
like a smooth acceleration. The car has 128K on it and I did the trans.
fluid flush like 20K miles ago. One thing *I think* is occurring also is
the car is going thru gas faster than usual. Not sure if the 2 issues
are interrelated. There are no check engine lights on.

Any suggestions what the problem might be? I was going to do the following:

1. Disconnect the battery for a few minutes to reset the computer

2. Check for cracks in the connected area between air filter and MAF.

3. Clean the throttle body (any recommended cleaning products?)

Also is it safe to drop a fuel injector cleaner into the gas tank? If so which brand/product do you recommend?

Anything else that comes to mind would be appreciated.


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